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Tribute to Hashry

“Tiada seorang pun yang mengetahui apa yang akan dilakukan
esok hari, sebagaimana tiada seorang pun yang mengetahui di manakah ia akan
mati.” (Surah Luqman, ayat 34)

The clock struck 12 noon.

My two siblings and I were just finishing our lunch when our beloved grandmother sat beside us in front of the round dining table and we started to talk…I listened to a story that was both poignant and heartrending, I was touched. Let me share with you the story of my late uncle. He was only 6 years old when he passed away. I can imagine his small frail body and an innocent face with pure hopes and dreams. He could only be as tall to my waist, and I’m not that tall either. How vulnerable he must be.

I was told that he died from goiter. In the past, people always treat goiter with vinegar but with Allah’s will his goiter has advanced to the last stage. It has become cancerous and the doctor said hope was thin.“MAK! MAK!” That was the only word that flew from his mouth when he was in pain during his countless treatments. My grandmother could only cry helplessly outside the operation theater door – waiting anxiously till the red light was off. She couldn’t stand it when she looked how his eldest son cried in pain with blood flowing out from his mouth. Even in her heart, she knew that it was the best way available to cure him. My grandmother had to stay in the hospital for 11 months to care for my uncle on his continuous treatments. As much love and concern goes out to her son, against her better judgment, she knew that my uncle’s time in this world was numbered. She had to be to stoic and tough, for him.

Two days before his demise, he told my grandmother that he didn’t want to die. He was also excited about going to the school just in a month’s time. “MAK,dah beli beg sekolah ke belum? He would ask my grandmother.It was one heart breaking, unforgettable moment when my late great-grand father and my late grandfather was there too seeing him lying on his deathbed. Men, seldom display their inner feelings, but my grandmother knew, deep inside, they were mourning and crying too, in their hearts.“Mak, kalau Hashry dah besar, Hashry nak belikan mak kereta..Hashry dah tabung!”

Until his last moment, he told my grandmother, “MAK, Hashry sayang mak! My grandmother, being the tear queen in our family, cried silently while hugging him ever so tightly – not wanting to let go.‘Ingat tu sarah, samirah, syakirah… Setiap benda yang bernyawa akan mati, tak kira berapa umur dia pun.. yang penting taat pada Allah dan ibu bapa sebab redha ALLAH terletak pada redha ibu bapa!” Advised my grandmother tirelessly.
We were so preoccupied that we didn’t realize that it was time for Zuhur prayer.“k,gi solat dulu…” I remember reading one of Ramlee Awang Murshid ‘s novel, and this saying was one of my favorites and it wedged on my thought :

‘Hidup itu Insya Allah, mati itu pasti!’

Kita sewajarnya ingat benar-benar akan pesan Rasulullah SAW: Banyak-banyaklah
kamu mengingati kejadian yang akan menghancurkan segala kelazatan iaitu maut
(mati). (Hadis riwayat At-Tirmizi)

P/s: Al-Fatihah to Al-Marhum Muhammad Hashry Bin Haji Hashim