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ESQ 165!I'm loving it..

Last night,I went to Alson Klana attending a night preview of ESQ..have you heard about it??

Most of my family was was the first ESQ team to be in Negeri Sembilan lead by Pak Ari Ginanjar Agustian,Author of bestseller Book,ESQ power..

I was stunned as I hear the speech delivered by Pak Firdaus,according to him,ESQ balances the spiritual.emotional, and intellectual aptitude and attitude.Its fits nicely in the total training philosophy of interfacing work, life and learning.

I'm truly impressed on the way they attract people on the 3 days training..the important 3s which is Senyum symmetry,Salam Semut and Sahabat Sejati..

Although I'm not participating on the training,actually the training is for the adults but the 2 hour preview last night is enough to make me amazed.

We as human needed to balance our IQ,EQ and SQ,Let us compare this three situation,

1)Ahmad was an intellegent businessman who had 4000 workers under him.Obviously,he really good in trade but he was hated by his own workers by his rude manners,he is lack of the emotional quotients,I supposed,right?

Using the same example,just making it easier,
2)Ahmad was an intellegent businessman who had 4000 workers under him.Not only he is a brilliant bv he also have a good social relation with his workers.He really put his full effort on his employee's right making him to be a person with full respect but the thing is he didn't know the meaning of life what related with our spiritual quotient..And it end with just being a manipulator who manipulated others for its own purpose,wana'uzubillah..
3)Do I need to give example..(JK.)I think you can predict it,right?
when we us the three quotient balancely,there is when we will become 'khaira ummah' as what is stated in the Quran,

But the question is what will be the main core?is it IQ or EQ or SQ?

The answer is in the Quran..

'And from wheresover you start forth(for prayers),turn your face in the direction of Al-Masjid-Al-Haram(at Makkah),and wheresover you are,turn your faces towards it sn that men may have no argument against you except those of them that are wrong-doers,so fear them not,but fear Me!-And so that I may complete My Blessings on you and that you may be guided.

Everything we've done will never be hidden from Allah..and Al-Quran is the best medicine for our soul..and that makes SQ the importance..but doesn't mean that we have to ignore our IQ and EQ,it just that we have to develop our SQ in order to help maintaining our IQ and EQ because when we knew the meaning of life,that is when we can answer this following questions:
who I am?
Where am I?
What I do now?
Where I am in the next?

For instant, what happen in one of a country in USA,California which is known as a country which high in sociality and intelect..most of the best universities is there with all the brilliant lecturers and students,when we talk about english movies,remind us about Hollywood,yes,until now,Hollywood did conquer the world including Malaysia..We also have heard about Bevearly Hills right?who is fond with the 'totally Spies may knew abov that famous place..but the point is do you know what really happen over a decade back in California?
More than 4000 people was comitting in a suicide..on the bridge..until the only solution made by its government was placing public phones along the bridge in order to give the hopeless humans to make a conselling before they decide to throw themselves below the river..can you imagine it?

If we recall the story of Musa in his searching for Lord on the Mount of Tur for about 40 days.

'Then when Musa had fulfilled the term and was travelling with his family,he saw a fire in the direction of Tur(Mount).He said to his family:'Wait,I have seen a fire,perhaps I may bring you from there some information,or a burning fire-brand that you may warm yourselves.So when he reached it(the fire),he was called from the right side of the valley,in the blessed place,from the tree:'O Musa!Verily I am Allah,the Lord of the Alamin(mankind,jinn and all that exists)!

And when Allah revealed His power by destroying the Mount of Tur and that is when Musa believe and the only words flew from his mouth that time was 'La ila ha illallah'.And how about 5 years taken by our prophet searching for the real meaning of life up in Gua Hira' making him away from the Jahiliah until one day when came down the first 5 sentences in Al-alaq,

'Read! in the Name of your Lord Who has created(all that exists.He has created man from a clot(a piece of thick coagulated blood).Read!and your Lord is the Most Generous.Who has taught(the writing) by the pen.He has taught man that which he knew NOT!.

But what captured my heart that time was a question,
'How many years have you use in searching the true meaning of life?or we just become a manipulator to ourselves,preoccupied by the play of the world without realize that time run fast every and each moment,when the time comes,we all will face ALLAH..

That was ESQ is all about..1 ehsan,6 pillars in Iman,5 pillars in Islam..

I wish to join the Mahasiswa team soon..Ameen..

Seeing all my family after their training really motivate me most.What is the speciality of this course,it is not only for muslims but to all religions as I was shock to see Billy Lim,author of 'Dare to fail' as one of the alumni,

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