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A 10 Years Of Friendship

" Friends on that day will be foes to one and another- except the Righteous Ones. ( Az-Zukhruf : 67 )

Time sure flies , dear friends, but as we recall the sweet memories in our life, the film will appear endlessly in our mind and  will never ends..

Just an ordinary post , I hope to share with you about how much I thank Him who gives me this blessings of having all of you as my dearest friends that I love for the sake of Him, and a bond of ukhwah that I hope that would last  in Jannah. Amin.

Remember ? dear friends that I love for the sake of Allah...

When we were in primary 6 preparing for our PSR, I was sitting in my class adoring the Institut Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan haji Hassanal Bolkiah building just behind our school ( Sekolah Persediaan Arab ).

What comes in my thought at that moment was that  I'm going to be there one day! I can see people wearing jubah from a far and what playing on my mind at that time was that I'm going to wear it one day!

It was at the musolla when I overheard someone talking to a friend that how hopeful she is to be given the chance to continue her study in Tahfiz..and that time I murmured to myself, we will met there, one day! And you know, who is that wonderful girl? She is Ili Mardhiah :)

Subhanallah, Allah heard us, and He give us the chance to be part of it!

Remember ?  dear  friends that I love for the sake of Allah...

When we have been selected for the interview, we were struggling to do our best to memorize a page that was given to us within half an hour time. I met Ili Mardhiah  and she was sitting beside me waiting to be called into the examination room. *He did answered my doa, we meet on the first day of the interview in Tahfiz* And as I look at her memorizing the whole page, I can see the way she struggle on it. She read it out loud and clear, and that was the moment when I first learn about one of the easy way to memorize the Quran. And just by looking at her gives me the motivation to memorize my page. Thanks Ili.

Remember ? dear  friends that I love for the sake of Allah...

When we were announced and informed to be part of the tahfizians, we were at that beautiful hall, we were given a talk about our progress in the Tahfiz,And I can see the hall was crowded with families who have the same dream to see their sons and daughters succeeding in memorizing the Quran.

Alhamdulillah, we were the chosen one, among hundreds of them who took the interview, only 36 of us has been given this golden opportunity to be in this wonderful school. To tell you the truth, He is the one who choose us and give us this responsibilities to keep and spread His words to others.

Remember ? dear  friends that I love for the sake of Allah...

During our orientation week, we played a game that introduces us of the real meaning of friendship, its importance and its effects to our life. Friendships turns strangers into siblings, turns unknowns  into known, turns ignorance into lovable, turns haters into lovers, and makes us strong when we parted.

Remember ? dear  friends that I love for the sake of Allah...

The song that we sang together during our orientation,

' Sesegar hijau daunan,begitulah kita diibaratkan,tiada siapa yang bisa memisahkan kita, antara kita semua..'

And I say, this song will always be the precious song that we shared together.

The phrase keep playing on my mind like a recorder, that whenever I heard it, it bring back the old-sweet memories I had with all of you , and there is just one doa that I recite;

"Oh, Allah, we meet for the sake of you, and we parted for the sake of You, and let us meet again for the sake of You! 

"And I really mean it, I love having you all as my friends..

Remember ? dear  friends that I love for the sake of Allah...

The first week living in the hostel was tough for some of us, never been away from our family, yup, that was my first experience too living in a hostel (although our hostel seems to be like a hotel!) but still we felt homesick that week..:-)

But do you know, how precious it is for me to live there having friends like you?

It is in the Tahfiz  that I first learn to be an independent person.

It is in the Tahfiz that I realize friends were part of our family (since we were with them all along ) and the fact that we are all siblings under one roof.

It is in the Tahfiz, that I first learn about love and friendship.

I learned about the importance of co-operation and the meaning of giving not wanting.
 I remember when it comes to someone's birthday, none of us will be left behind to be wished.

I learn that it is not the presents or how much it cost that makes one's happy, it is how much  they remember it as a friend.

Remember ? dear  friends that I love for the sake of Allah...

We were at our class, 14 of us were sitting in a circle (we always do it..right,my friend?) We let out all the dissatisfaction that messing up our mind at that time to others, and I learned the importance of  listening and understanding our beloved friends and being honest to them.

Remember ? dear  friends that I love for the sake of Allah...

When I left the Tahfiz, at the end of our second year, I really didn't have any chance to meet all of you, I just meet Hanan and Jimah, I didn't expect that it will be the last time for me in the Tahfiz , but I know Allah knows best..

Do you know my friends , I  was overwhelmed when I received a letter from you after a month I'm back in Malaysia..

I still remember that you told me to send pictures and letters to all of you but I didn't make it ,and I sincerely apologized for it.

It is in the Tahfiz that I realize how lucky I am to memorize the Quran and making it part of my life now..

As I was studying in DQ, I met some of you AGAIN..I realize how thankful I should be to Allah that He answer my prayers all the while. Alhamdulillah.

And this is what I always believe in,

QURAN unite us, QURAN will also re-unite us..

And now, we all have took our own path to success in our journey of life, I'm so happy to hear it,  but all I hope is our Quran is still in our heart just like our friendship.

Remember, dear  friends that I love for the sake of Allah...

We put our life and hope in order to live as a tahfizians, memorizing the Quran, do you wish to leave it now?

Remember, we memorize it and it is our responsibility to keep it and work with it..

 Isn't a waste, for the opportunities that Allah has grant upon us, but we neglect it , right,my friends? Reminding myself above others.

And you know what is my hope?

I hope that  one day, I will be given the chance  to visit  Brunei, and see these  professional friends of mine that make the Quran part of their life, continuing in memorizing and understanding the real meaning of the magic phrases in the Quran..

I really hope to see you all again one day, brothers and sisters..Amin..


Did I forget someone?(giggles..)

( A tribute to my dearest friends of Institut Tahfiz Al-Quran Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Intake 2003) _Ukhwah fillah abadan abada!!_

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A gift of love ( PART 3)

And those who pray, "Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous. ( Al-Furqaan: 74)

" Oh, so you're getting married? " my friend was delighted to hear my story. " Oh, I'm so happy for you, so, I can see that is a good news, after all, why with the unsatisfying look? my friend try to figure out what makes me so tense at that time. And I told her what is playing in my mind," It's just that...I haven't meet him, and the only thing I told my mother when she asked about my answer to the proposal is : Let me meet him."

My mother was quite shock with the answer, and said: " Are you being doubtful, it is as if you are confused, dear, is anything wrong? "

" No, its not it, I'm just being doubtful about myself, if I'm good enough for a man like him, he memorize the Quran, and he educated well, and all I want is a man that is please with me the way I am. "

" Dear, have you forgotten the doa' which I taught you long ago? " my mother smiled.

" Oh Allah, if You let me marry someone, let it be someone that whenever I looked at him, he will remind me of You, so that our marriage will bring us closer to You " I recited.

That is the reason why I like to meet him before I decide anything, I want to make sure if he is the one that I'm looking for all these years. I'm not looking for a perfect man, but I'm looking for a man that try his best to become a good one.

My friend looked at me and listen attentively, " oo, I see, so , when will you are going to meet him?"  Next week, Insya Allah, "I answered. " Do pray for me, dear"

"I will" we exchange hug and bid farewell before taking our leave. ' Oh, thanks for the treat, by the way, next time, it will be my treat!" I added.


The day we met goes smoothly. And the answer he gave me convinced me enough. " I want to complete half of my deen", he said. And as I believe, Istikharah is not all about seeing signs in a dream, but when your heart feels calm and tranquillity, and you accept it with agreeable and ease, that is when His signs is bestowed upon us. The sign of affection and mercy.

" And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquillity in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought. ( Ar-Rum: 21 ) "


Just after the day of our marriage, we had a short conversation;

" Why do you choose me? I asked. " I don't choose you, Allah chose you for me" he answered.

" I'm not the perfect girl you are looking for. I don't memorize the Quran like you do." I'm testing him.

And he give me this meaningful answer; " I'm not looking for a perfect girl, I'm looking for a good one. it's okay, that you don't memorize the Quran, because I'm looking for a girl that can listen to me reciting the Quran and she will look at the Quran while reciting it with me, but to memorize it is optional, I believe."

I smiled meaningfully before he added; " When I recite without looking the Quran, I get a reward, but you look and recite it with me, and you get double of the reward."

And that just makes me grin wider.

But, then, I try to test him more." What if you find something that will make you feel irritable of me? I asked him directly.

And this is his beautiful answer," I pray that Allah gives me patience in dealing with you and gives you patience in dealing with me"

Subhanallah, is there any greater gift that Allah can give to a woman when she becomes a wife than A PIOUS HUSBAND?  And I praised and thanked Him with the gift that He grant upon us. A gift of love.

Indeed, when you becomes a " Fatimah ", you will get a "Ali". Be 'her' and you'll get 'him'.

" ...good women are for good men and good men are for good women.." An-Nur: 26

" O Allah, I seek for Your Love, and the Love from those who loves You and practices that leads me to Your undeviating love, Amin"