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The Divine Purpose of A Journey

In the KTM...6.00P.M

We have to stop at the next station,"suggested my friend.We haven't pray yet.

Ya,for sure..'I added.With the crowd in the train, we really couldn't even breathe properly..sort of..I'm going back to my house in Bangi having 5 days holiday( felt relieved..)but that day turned out to be a bit miserable at first but an interesting journey at the end..

It all started when we first get off the train at Bandar Tasik Selatan.We walk in searching for the musolla but it turn out to be a 'no musolla' when we asked a girl working at one of the small shops there.We didn't loose our hope.We walk and try to ask a guy.

Alhumdulillah, that is what I want to hear.
"there is a musolla across the road,you have to walk to the other side,told the guy.
After a thank to him, we make our move across the road anxiously as our watch turn to 20 minutes to 7.After performing our prayer, we stop a while at the shop to buy some
food as we haven't ate any that afternoon.

We are waiting for the next train while eating our bread when a group of teenagers appeared and just messing around.They also tried to play a fool with us that make me really not in a good mood that time.

My friend try to calm me that time.'be patient,they just being a bit naughty..'

A few minutes later,our train arrived but it seems that we couldn't fit in it,ya,its true,we didn't fit at all,with the crowd inside and the crowd outside,we nearly been push and fell before we can even enter the train..

Suddenly,my mind just rotating and thought..this is not right..why is this day become miserable?my friend tabbed me to the present.

'its maghrib,lets pray..
I was thinking that somehow i didn't even heard the call of prayer..Astaghfirullah'We went back to the musolla and prayed.Just then I found the answered to my question..

'Do the people think that they will be left alone on saying
'We believe,' and that they will not be tested?'

'i think we can't make it there after isya..look at the people waiting for the train..'my friend told me.I called my mum to tell about the delay. When we come back to the waiting area,the people was still as many when we left for the Maghrib prayer..What makes me sad is that it is Maghrib but why the musolla is not as crowd as the waiting area?Are they forget the important of prayers?the purpose of their life?

Some of them just can play around playing jokes rather than answering the prayer.If only they knew it.
'The life of this world is nothing but a pastime and play!It is the life of the hereafter that is the true life,if they knew it'

We missed our second train just then..

I was murmuring to myself when I accidentally bumped into a girl and this is where the interesting story begin..I did make some converse with the girl that introduce herself with a name mardhiah,kak mardhiah,I supposed cause she is 4 years older than me.

Ka Mardhiah was also on her way to the UKM..(the same destination as me).

Visit my brother.'she answered when I asked her purpose going to UKM.It seems that Kak Mardhiah just had the same situation as me,she missed the train too..

After introducing each other,I know that the person I'm talking with is a 'gynecologist to be'..Wow,a job that now days women are rarely in it.'Maybe someday I will see you.'She nodded smiling before answering' Insya Allah..if I could make it for my practical exam with flying colours.'We laughed.

Without feeling the time goes fast,my watch shows 10 minutes to 9 when the third train arrived,unfortunately,we didn't make for that train either..feeling a bit disappointed,we make our way to the bench nearby and sit waiting for another train..

'i think i couldn't make's 9.30 and I think the meeting will be done in any hour by now'said kak mardhiah.

Oo I see,kak mardhiah is going for a meeting and she thought that may be she can pay a visit for her brother..

'Don't you wish to see your brother,may be the next train will bring the luck'I suggested.

'I think i can have another try..but this will be the last.I have work to do tomorrow..'When the next train come,we didn't have any chance to even step forward for the train when a number of people just crash into the crowd in the train.

Shorten my story,kak Mardhiah went back to her hostel feeling tired( i couldn't imagine how sad she felt when she called her brother to cancel her journey)

So,that leave me with my friend looking hope for our next train(hope it would be the last one we wait)...

And is although it is a bit crowded but we felt relieved as we didn't have to wait for another train..or may be we have to cancel it...

We arrived at the UKM exactly 15 past father fetched me there feeling worried but I explained the whole thing.

After I settled my thing,I am ready for my long nap before my phone was a message from Kak Mardhiah asking how my journey..

I reply with a smile.' alhumdulillah,I'm safely home after 5 train missed..(giggle)ukhwah fillah'

'Nice knowing you..Study smart,pray for my success..ukhwah fillah.'she replied.

The beautiful of ukhwah in islam,it just seem that I've known her for a long time..

Dedicate to Kak Mardhiah..nice meeting you..may our short meeting will left a long lasting ukhwah in our heart.

My journey really didn't waste any because I met a new friend..

'Surely with every difficulty there is relief'
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We are special...

'Assalamualaikum, kak's your day today?
'it quite difficult for me after all,but it will not be enough for me to make it an excuse to leave dq! It will not be eccepted'Kak bibi joked.We both laughed.

Last couple of week,Darul Quran had been cheered up by new welcomed students.Ka bibi is one of them.

Unluckily,they all had been tested by the absence of light in their world..they were not able to see the beauty of the nature..pity on them but Allah is the best judge of all..there ought to be a reason whenever something happenned because we all know that Allah knows the best..

Unfortunately for me, I didn't have the chance to be one of their roomate so I just have to go to their room to meet them. Some of our friend had the same room with the blinds in order to accompany them at least until they really settle down and get use with the new environment.

As I mentioned just now,Ka bibi was lucky to have stayed at Dq,not only learning Arabic and Tafsir,she also get the chance on memorizing the Quran using braille.

But what makes me proud and amaze of them,(Ya Allah, I wish I can be as tough as them),they have their own strength to live like other people do.

I once ask kak bibi what makes she wanted to memorize the Quran..and what she said is just three simple but valuable words; I love Quran..

The words really left a big mark on my heart, nowdays,people really use the meaning of love for something that didn't worth..What makes the blinds so special,because they didn't waste their sight on something invaluable to see makes their heart always in calm unlike eye-sighted one,they are more likely to be having problems especially regarding their feelings,After all,eyes is the window to the soul..

In the Quran itself has stated that men should lower their gaze..

'Enjoin the believing men to lower their gaze and guard their modesty,that is chaster for them.Surely Allah is well aware of their actions.

More strictly on women..

'Likewise enjoin the believing women to lower their gaze and guard their modesty,not to display their beauty and ornaments except what normally appears there of,let them draw their veils over their bosoms and not display their charms except to their husbands,their fathers,their fathers-in-law,their own sons,their stepsons,their own brothers,their nephews on either brothers or sisters,their own womenfolk,their own slaves,male attendants who lack sexual desires or small children who have no carnal knowledge of women.Also enjoin them not to strike their feet in order to draw attention to their hidden trinkets.And O believers! Turn to Allah in repentance, all of you,about your past mistakes,so that you may attain salvation.

Kak bibi also told that how glad she was been chosen to be a part of 'Dquens'(that what I called for people who studied at DQ)..

Sometimes,I just can't figure or differentiate which one is the blind student,they walk as if they can see,sometimes,we the norms is the one who react like a blind didn't even look where we walk to but just realizing it when we bump onto the wall or fell into the big drain..shame on us.

Some of them did use a crosier to walk but some of them didn't even need us to hold them. Their heart was too chaste that they can rely on it to make their own move.

'We walk when our heart say so,we just believe in ourselves,it was just like seeing a bright light in front of us that makes our feet steps,'explained kak bibi,

My eyes widen in amazement.

As for the boys,their hostel is way far from the masjid that they had to cycled to get there but the distance didn't broke the blind's spirit as I can see they really walks to the masjid everytime the call of prayer was heard.

'You are special,you know..'I exclaimed.

'We are special,'kak bibi corrected.
'as long we take Islam as our religion and Quran as our guidence..Obey what Allah says and avoid His iration'she continued.

In a while,I really feel adviced hearing each word that Kak bibi was saying..

We are special..

'We have indeed created man in the best stature,then We abase him to the lowert of the low,except those who believe and do good deeds-for they shall have a never ending reward.'

'O Rabb!open our heart,ease our task and remove the impediment from our speech,guide us to the Right Way,give us the strength on memorizing Your Words,You are the one who hears all and knows all'

A new year,a new character!

'I've always been the kind of girl,that hid my face,so I'm afraid to tell the world,what I got to say,but I have this dream right inside of me,I'm going to let it show,its time to let you know.'

Hearing this song somehow give me the strength to write about this post.

We are now have step on a new zone of year(1430H/2009M),we better make a change right?

'The fact is that Allah never changes the condition of a people until they intend to change it themselves. If Allah wants to afflict a people with misfortune,none can ward it off,nor they can find any protecter beside Him'

This morning, I did receive a message from my dearest friend,Anees.

'Sarah,I'm on the way to the airport,pray for my safe journey'.

Anees is going to Indonesia doing her practical on medicine within 2 month,gud luck for her..

It was just like last couple of days when I first step my feet to Pedas and make new friends as I always have new friend(transferring to different school every 2 years really make me a little bit difficult on getting settle with new environment)and just like yesterday,we had took our SPM result with tears of happiness..Now,without realising the time goes by,we have left Pedas and take our own path in achieving our goals but amazingly what makes 'ukhwah' a beautiful word,we didn't feel apart as we still contact each other,seeing each other in our spare time,and sometime we also have a sleep over.

Coming to this new year,'back to school'is the most known phrase..among younger students,I can see it when I look how excitedly my sisters and my brother getting ready with their school stuff..all the stationary,new bags and my sister also had a quick review on the new textbook bought by my parent..well done,sis..a sign of an excellent student..I really miss the old days in school..but as one says life must go on..
But we ought to make a difference,a good one,nobody is perfect but we can try in order to be one..

I remember hearing a 'tazkirah' by one of my seniors in Dq,about how most muslims react nowdays unnaturally and unpredictably,women is now mostly in danger,children being kidnapped and killed,youngsters are destroyed just because of a little pinch of drugs.
My friend ones tell me how she felt when going on a walk the night when the indepent day celebration was held at the Dataran Merdeka but what she saw is a way beyond a celebration,it was more like a picture of disaster among youngsters.

We're just being rocked by the clamorous news of our siblings in Gaza,being treated like an animal,being killed without huminity,could you imagine if you are at their place,they're fighting for their pride,their life and most of all fight for islam..

The question is are we ready and willingly to be like one of them?Hope this new year will open our mind to a better resolution in the future,the most important thing to survive islam,our truly religion in the world.
Who will start if not us,care to be a 'mujahid to shahid'?
Go for extra building up our new character in this new year!