Tuesday, July 28, 2009 - 2 comments

Way to go,IMG team!

Alhamdulillah, the only word to describe my gladness!

The 2 days workshop had came to a success,not only I trained them but I also learn new things about ADOBE,*Thanks to sifu Akmal Hakim*

Looking at the team's passion and commitment making me anxious and keen to train and together learn with them *I'm more in learning actually..*.Supplied by only 5 trainers ( 2 muslimin and 3 muslimat), we manage to conduct to about 30 trainees.

And the output is fantastic! I salute to my trainees as they manage to make a nice RISALAH in only one day for almost three times!.The first risalah they try to make was almost done when suddenly my laptop went shut off.."Out of battery, but we didn't save it!"one of my tranee complain.

"Its ok, do it again.."I try to encourage them.In my heart,I was worried.Akmal want it tonight by nine,what if they haven't done yet with it.Suddenly sis najwa came to me and told me. "Ustazah Anita,..she forbid us to do the risalah after maghrib!"One more problem ahead.Calm down..Calm down,I whispered myself.

Suddenly,there is a beep,one message in my inbox.."Its ok,our workshop will be continue until 10.30..The presentation will start after that."wrote Akmal.Felt relieved for a moment before suddenly my friend blurt out..'the same thing happen to my team'..

"what??You lost it too?"I blinked in suprised but I try to calm myself.


"Just continue with your work,doesn't matter it is done or not,the important is you have try!"Fatin said.*her eyes glow like sunshine*^^ another gag,aha..we through with it though*alhamdulillah*

Another effort was made..^^

Usrah IMG was built..with 3 leaders in a hope of sharing and at the same time retrieving and topup our IMAN with Mawaddah and Hubb only for ALLAH..to cure their heart for a better faith in ALLAH,to open ther mind in the objective of our team with a priority in the name of ukhwah!
Seeing my juniors with the 'I-dunno-what-to-do' look and 'help-us' face giving me an urge to be with them,to hear and talk with them,ask their problem, if could through out the day..but when we talk about time limit,ya!time always envy on us..

With too many comitment needed in school as in home too,I try my best to occupy my team with a small advice whenever I come to see them..and I feel happy for their understanding..Just waiting for my driving lesson...i drive to Pedas..we'll see..^^

P/s: can't wait for the next workshop,my favourite!hm~
Mis u SIS IMG..
Tuesday, July 7, 2009 - 5 comments

To pedas,with love..

Salam..huh, felt relieved for my assignment done yesterday..*alhamdulillah*

Last couple of days, I spent my afternoon in PEDAS ( My old but still-longing-in-my-heart-till-now school),It is just a short visit but at the end I felt a satisfaction though

It was a lovely Saturday where the sun shines brightly when my mother drove me there..ANXIOUS,EXCITED,FEAR,all I felt at once..

As we arrived at the entrance,we were blocked!

"What happened?"I asked my mother.

"You have to walk inside,visitors are not allowed to enter before 11 o clock..' the lifeguard warn us.

"Strictly!,I wonder what other changes had been made in PEDAS,makes me eager to go inside,if I recall it is about 1 year since I last visit my school,hmm....still wondering"I murmured myself.

So,I walk with my sister inside and headed to our hostel ( Zahraa and Humaira block)
No one there..I stared my sis and my sis looked at her watch..ok, it 9.45..they all went for PREP, It Saturday ,right!It is PREP TIME..so we wait for about 15 minutes in the Musolla, I explore and read the 'RISALAH' that had been stick as usual on the BADAR'S BOARD..

"Ka Sarah!"Fizah,my Junior a.k.a my sister's classmate suddenly appeared in front of the musolla's door.I was paralyzed for a moment.We have a quick sweet talk but I know I have a more important progress to be made..so my hunting progress continue...

"OK,gather all IMG team within 10 minutes!"I ordered Farid*sound like a captain to me*..naa,just a gag...^^
In minutes, I was at the musolla with the muslimat team after I left my sister chatting with her old friends in the Art Room*I know how excited is her*..
So my meeting start and I fulfilled my progress in explaining to them on the ISLAH MULTIMEDIA ACADEMY...positive response,I would rather say,they all seem very excited...and the most important thing is their commitment,they are willing to join,learn and work in the way ISLAM want..

Our programme is in a way to bring about a success da'ie with an intellectual capabilities particularly on information technologies..

I was informed that the Muslimat IMG team was on a progress in releasing their first magazine*congratulation to IMG Team* and some of them are making montage too..*way to go,gurlz,now I'm going to be the protege,^^,*

I met Ust Anita and exchange hugs..*My dearly Arabic teacher since I first step in the school*..I take my time visiting all my juniors in the hostel and went back to Musolla at Zuhr..*Do really miss the times I spent in BADAR's room,cleaning the Musolla every Sunday*

So I called my mum to pick up us after Zuhr after she fetch my sister at the hostel.
"In half an hour from now,"my mother told me.I met Fatin and have a short talk,we exchange our story and recalling the memories back when they're just in Form 1*where at that time ,I'm a form 4 student*

"Ka Sarah, we have a problem!"Suddenly she just blurt out.
I was shock for a moment but trying to figure out what exactly had happen behind the Walls of PEDAS..And suddenly I knew it..and giving advice seems to be the fastest solution at that time..It was just that my sister came and told me that my mother has waiting for me outside..so I close our 'one-to-one-heart talk' with a promise, I'll come back and we solve it together..

Pedas is part of me,when something happen to it,it actually happen to me!and if something is not right,I have to figure out and makes the things right..wait for us ,pedas...we make a difference in it..

We can't change people but we can make a difference!
*Insya ALLAH, ISLAH MULTEDIA ACADEMY would be held on 24-26 of JULY,dear friends are all invited*