Thursday, April 30, 2009 - 1 comments

Be the happiest in the grateful!

"There is no power and no strength except with Allah".
I remind myself..

Recently,we were rocked by non-welcoming news from our brothers and sisters-just think of it, when morning comes, remember that the sun is shining upon thousands of miserable human, but we are blessed, it is shining on hundreds of hungry humans, but we have plenty to eat, it shines on thousands of human who are imprisoned, but we are free,it shines on thousands of human @ mama who loses their child but we are happy and healthy,sit and think deeply, look at the numbers and statistics.

How many things do you own?
How much wealth you posses?
How many blessing do you enjoy?
How many thing that bring you delight?
If not a praise to ALLAH, the Exalted, for His kindness, protection and generosity, are we qualified to have all the blessing?

The formulae is as easy as ABC if we trust in'll be the happiest man in the universe..

"...And put your trust in Allah if you are indeed believers"

Be like an ant in hard work and patience.Always keep trying and keep repenting.i f you go back to sin, then repent again.Same in memorize Quran, and if you forget it, go back and memorize it again and again.The main thing is you should never feel defeated because frankly speaking there is no such thing as the last word or the bitter end, but there is always trial and error, and learning from mistakes

Life is like a body that may undergo cosmetic surgery
Life is also like a building that can be renovated and rebuilt from scratch with new decor and paint..
"Giving up sin is jihad, but persisting in it is stubbornness"

Where do we start,dear brother and sisters,the key of happiness is prostration, in other words,Fajr is the first step happen to give all the happiness to our life..remember a phrase that my father always told me,

"Early to bed, early to rise, make a man wealthy, healthy and wise".Our phrophet S.A.W also had stated that whenever it is dawn, that is when the door of Rahmah will widely open to whom that knew...

But how many of us realize it?why there are still people out there suffer in despair and frustration?People who are more than a millionaire like Bill Clinton and Cindy Crawford was likely in a marriage crisis, there is no happiness in their life..just observed nearby, our own country,it is obvious in the newspapers or magazines how most famous people will not left soundly without being in a gossip issue..where will they get their privacy?Who would dare answer it..sometimes, I would rather agreed in what Pahrol Mohamad Juoi said THAT WE LACK OF ZIKR..

A man had an argument with his wife and said," I am going to make your life miserable."The wife calmly replied, You cannot do that."He said,"Why not?"She said." If happiness is to be found in money or jewellery, you could deprive me of it and take it away from me, but it is nothing over which you or any other person has any control.I find my happiness in my faith, and my faith is in my heart, and NO ONE HAS POWER OVER IT EXCEPT ALLAH..

The only way to find happiness is by learning the true religion with which the Messenger of ALLAH was sent.Once a person finds this way, it will not matter if he sleeps in a hut or by the side of the road, and he will be content with a piece of bread and he will be the happiest person in the world,but the question is,do we (who have a shelter to stay in, food enough to eat or money much to spend) pay any grateful to ALLAH? Ask for yourself..Do we fit in becoming His grateful servant?

"We need money in order to live but that does not mean that we need to live for the sake of money"

Subhannallah..Ya ALLAH,make us part of the little..

"And surely, We gave you authority on the earth and appointed for you therein provisions (for your life). Little thanks do you give."

Sunday, April 5, 2009 - 3 comments

Get yourself busy!

This stuck in a hectic shedule..with Quran class and exams ahead,I didn't have much time to run my fingers on the keyboard(or maybe enough for this only post!)-managing to steal some time to write this,bad sarah..;-)

It is just sometimes i felt a twinge of jealousy for my friend that can spend their two month holiday with their families as me and the others had to go back to Dq,but our responsibilities is ours and if it means that we have to sacrifies our holidays then we have to..everyone of us will not be left alone without any 'busy day',the time where we didn't even bother to eat or sleep..workaholic type..but the question is have you any busy day or you busied with nothing(or busy-body?)

I always heard my friends complaining..'no work to do!' And when the others reply,'so do one!',i can't help myself from smiling..because I just can't bear in agreeing her that sometimes I do felt the same thing..and one thing to cure it,I have to make myself a busy one..Thats why I make my books on the shelves as my company whenever I felt bored,I even slept with books..which really end with the books reading me..:-)

Not to mention it helps our mind grow too,but be careful in choosing them..we all know how the world had partial changes in nowdays civilisation as more people are getting brilliant and educated,should or have we ever asked ourselves where in the state are we now?Are we still in a comfort zone of flirting with someone or sleeping all day long rather than thinking what will happen to us in the years ahead?or getting ourselves busy with plans on reaching our goals and achieving our dreams?

If we think that 'we have time','dont worry','do it later',we are wrong,totally wrong..because to be honest,if we think that we really need time,than we realize that responsibilities exceeding times..and that time we can't even occupy our thought with tiny we all familiar with the phrase 'don't do tomorrow what you can do today'..a good phrase,right?

Have we even done our duty perfectly as a student?as a son /daughter? as a brother/sister? not to mention after marriage or how about our duty as a full-servant of Allah and a caliph in this world,don't ever say you don't have thing to do because too many responsibilities ahead you that sometimes you didn't even notice..

'By the time through the ages!Surely mankind is in loss,except those who believe and do good deeds,exhort one another to the truth and exhort one another to patience.

If we ask ourselves,have we been a good son/daughter to our parents,or an understanding pal to our friends or a loyal servant to Allah?if not do we really have to wait until the world end that we would change?

Remember of me about a phrase,bad begin at 40,for the white men,it took it as a meaning to enjoy their time more in the age of 40 which is really bad..but some of our Malays misused it by telling that 40 is a good time to be a better person,if I want to wear 'hijab',it will be the age of 40?can you resist?meaning that 40 is the age of changes..How can some people manage to think that a year of 40 is the time to change?what if we die before even we get 40?we even can't predict when will be our death..some of us just would rather busied themselves with enjoyament than responsibilities that i've just mention..agreed?

I was reading one of my book collection that had mention one meaningful sentence,get yourself busy!

I found myself a little bit confuse the first time,but as I force my eyes to plod through the lines in my book(it is midnight,huh,really,sometimes I did'nt care,to be honest,didn't even bother the time whenever I held my book especially book that i really enthuse in),I figure it myself.

'cease from busies is a dawdle,and free time is the worse thief'..if we didn't use our time on doing useful things,your time will left you with loss..don't wait until your real 'busy day' come when you can busied yourself in your free time,get it?

So think again when you didn't do a thing because it is you to as busy as bee..not a busybody!