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Salam Brothers and sisters..

Ever since I start writing, I always thought that I can't..lack of idea was my lame excuse..To tell you the truth, I really do hate writing especially when it comes on writing a 'compo',I was forcing myself to do it..but I didn't really feel the remarkable gratification whenever I finish writing what exactly running through my mind until one day, my dearest aunt suggest me to jot it..surprisingly, she added,in your own blog.

And until now, I sometimes didn't believe myself that I'm actually is my own blog!although I'm still have a lot to learn..(grammar and vocabulary),but reviving my aunt's advice,

"You share,you care!we didn't know who would jump in or enter your blog,but we do hope that the reader will leave with some new knowledge in their grasp..even if it just a small erudition.'

And now,I felt a lot to satisfy as I write because I know the feel to be content as to voice out trough my writings and to share with the readers eventually.A commenter is a part for my improvement that I really have to pay a great thank to them giving me the inspiring comment and a new vocab too..:)

I really do hope that I've manage to get a bit of your attention here, not to get a great publicity but to share my thought with the readers as I try to enhance my work on writing..My friend always ask me,

"Why do you write in English?Is it better if you write it in Malays so people can read it?I simply answered"What do you mean they will read it when it is be notably that we do learn English since we are in standard 1, so if we count it clearly, it is a full 12 years that we used in learning English, don;t tell me that they didn't know how to read in English because obviously we learn it in ages,perhaps now we still learning it..the real question is that they didn't know or they didn't want to read it in English..because to be honest,I didn't like to read English books in my younger age, but seeing my sister, my mother..I really proud of my mother..she also manage to help on my father's thesis that was presented at the University o Wales last year.

I try to force myself into reading it,ya, it really tough though,just imagine,the one thing that I was avoiding that time was looking into the dictionary..owh, really hate have to search for the word and see the meaning was an exhausting work I try the simpler way, I try reading comics..Archies and Calvin n two favourite comics..have you heard it? And it was easier though because whenever I didn't came out with the meanings, I try to figure it out from the pictures and I've done it..but not worthy enough..because sometimes I do make a mistake in guessing the picture..

So,I turn to a more favourable type of books,fiction one!That always came out to be a blockbuster know it..Harry potter's,the trilogy of Stephen Mayor's books and the latest was catching the way they write it..and to be truthful,at this state, I try myself to be more manageable and more wise in using the dictionary and I figure it quite enjoying and satisfying!

Learning it from my eldest sister on how she manage to write a 'bombastic' piece of writing,I try to jot down every new word I've came across in my readings and try to re-write it using my own words..and it does help improving my writings..try it!and you will find it quite fetching..;)but as I grew up, I learn the real meaning of life,I turn my new leaf to a real, better,fascinating story that still help me in amending my English writing added me with a truth in islam and I'm still searching for it for a better days in my life..

Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus had open my eyes through the differences between the two genders,Words from Imam Al-Ghazali has been my 'antibiotics' in my daily life..The road to Makka had inspired me on the true journey of life,I really enjoy the writing of M.Asad sometimes I just can't deny in comparing him with Barrack Obama..and M.Asad seem a lot better..!

And I'm making it my collection, though actually I borrow it from my sister..hehe,sorry sis!but as I say just now,sharing is caring,right?^^..It just that,I really can't make up a good decision in choosing books that sometimes I really have to ring my sister or my aunt just in order to ask them whether the book is good or not, because if not, I will end myself in buying books that sometimes didn't even worth,get it?..(have to loosen up with my 'shopaholic' symptom)

Don't get me wrong, dear readers,the real thing that I try to imply here is how we share our story to our friends did help you releasing burdensome of your thought..and personally I confess that as I speak Malays through out my daily life,I make up my mind in the only way to improve my language is to write it in my blog in the same time practising my new vocab and sharing my simple story to the everyone will satisfy, right?just stand in one phrase;

As you write you tend to share..and sharing means caring..