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Tears of Hope


Recently,I was blog-hopping(is it a correct word?) and i realize most of the entries had the same story..I was intrigued to read more about this 'shahid kecil'-that what they called him..

And I found myself burst into drop of tears..

I felt an amazement in him..for his work in da'wa,
I felt a twinge of jealousy...for his friend's compliment on him,
I felt a great wonder...for his early-age death,
I felt a remarkable lost..of a brother in islam,
I felt a big shiver...for just to think about it,
But mostly,I felt
fully awaken by this tragic news of our own brother who currently studying in Mesir,Ammar to him,May Allah place him among the Martyr in Islam..

It was not even two weeks from his death but I still cry whenever I read about him..Subahanallah..

I cry just thinking as if I'm in his place,Am I ready to face Allah?

I cry thinking as if I'm in his place,can I continuously disseminate da'wa in my life time with such a perseverance as him?

I cry just thinking how weak my soul is as I thought I can't be like him..

I cry just recalling my junior,Hanina who died in an early age of 17..
I cry yet I didn't understand..

Until I found my full-strength in reading the verses of Quran and find the answer,

' For every nation there is a fixed term,when their term expires,it can neither be delayed for a moment nor can it be made to come early.

And whenever this fatal happen,it is a SIGN from ALLAH..
for us to remember..
for us to think that Allah is giving us chance,
for us to change and consistent in it..

'Among His signs is the creation of the heavens and earth and all the creatures He has spread about them.And He has the power to gather them together whenever He wills.

I realize my tears must not be a tears of demoralize or weakness..

It must be tears of hearten and encouragement..

We cry of spirit that arouse in our soul..we cry in begging for forgiveness from Allah..

That is the most precious tears..Tears in grief only for Allah..

Tears that will always be longing for by ALLAH from His servant..US!!

Ask ourselves..
How many times we laugh a day?Have we ever thought of ALLAH when we laugh?

We always relate laugh as a symbol of happiness,but do we ever relate Allah with our happiness whenever we laugh?.(ok,i get it..such a circumlocutory question huh?..XD)

'Let them laugh a little,much will they weep as a recompense for what they have earned'

Now did you get what I mean..there is nothing wrong with having fun but make it as much as is necessary and do cry a lot but not in insufficiently like crying over a movie..

Make our tears a tears of hope to be a greater person in our way to realize the real meaning of being a caliph and in order to inherit our prophet's will to spread the da'wa throughout the world..

'Live as a Mujahid or die as Syahid'

I remind myself above others..
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My treasured memory(Part 2)

Our progress continue...

In a 2 month time..
We're doing quite well and we got a supporter too!
(A great applause to our Mentor-Sir Kamarul)

That was a night..a memorable night i spent with these special girls..

So our discussion began in that breezy midnight..(since our 'rokol'-stand 4 'recall' lasted in midnight)

'i'm dating a 'mat rempit'..Leeya blurt out..

'i'm desperate for a boyfriend!'Sal expressed.

'i'm in love with a married man'..honestly,Siti speak..
I was just like startled and a 'aah' n a 'ooo' n a gasp..

'I'm not good at this kind of thing..honestly,never been in those kind of experience..can I help them?..n that time,I confide myself,this is it..I try my best to tell them..and a satisfy it a lot!

This 'disease' had totally infect the lifestyle of nowdays teenagers as if they can't live without it..Masya Allah..

'wierdo!!'the only word came out from their mouth when i told them i'd never coupled..

'don't you ever wonder the feeling of to love someone n to be love,knowing someone is caring for you as a bliss?I listen patiently with a smile.

'as if you never had a crush on someone?..another smile on my face.

'what would you do if someone you love propose you to be his girlfriend?won't you feel any excitement?..a 'golden' question,I smiled..

I was trying to compile the best sentence as an answer for their 'straight forward' question,I tell you when suddenly I remember..

'do you know exactly why you're chasing this kind of love?

They blinked.I giggled.

'because you didn't feel Allah's didn't seek for it..o you didn't know how to express your love to turn to the 'real' one, one that you can really see,one that you can touch,one that you can contact and share your thought with,one you can spend time,exchange presents and fishing for compliments from,most of all,one that you care and love with you true i right?'I state my opinion.

They mouthed an 'O'..

'have you ever wonder to be loved by Allah,to seek His Love was far more bliss?.I questioned them back..

'do you ever feel crush with Him?..the time when we feel anxious everytime we 'met' him in our prayers,share your thought(talk with Him) in every of our Doa..felt loved by Him everytime we were in happiness,being alerted by Him whenever we fell in a fatal..being tought by Him whenever we realize from a big mistake..'

Change a little is better than not changing..
That we call a bliss whenever we have the faith to change to be better in times..It is not that we have to change drastically in one night..
Step by by one..'they give me a smile in tears that i will never forget till now..

A splash..
Woo,!where you day-dreaming or what?'my friend asked.
'just recall a memory back then when we were in the PLKN,Leeya!'I give her a sincere smile.

'i hope a good one!about me?haha'she joked.

'sure,the one i treasured most!our memorable night!'I tell her..

Hope this simple story would give a moral value to us..i continously remind myself and my friends..

'To love someone means nothing,
To be love by someone means something,
To be love by someone you love means exciting,
To be love by by Allah means everything..
P/s:I just can't get this phrase out of my mind..I just love it!XD

In a memory of the Ulu pari 's wira n wirawati..

My treasured memory(Part 1)

'sara,how about a day out?'message from my dear friend..
'sure,any idea?'I reply..
Let go for a there we went that morning..feel good,ya!

First day
I arrived there with my parents..'i hate this place totally'..truthfully my first time to be exposed in such a camp..or maybe a 'dungeon' would be a suit..
I felt sick just standing beside all that 'freaks' (that what i called them percisely)..i try to be polite when a girl with a pony -tail approach me that time which i honestly didn't feel any 'friendly mood' that time..i try to be an optimist but a little careful too..

First week
'i want to go home!!'my heart screamin..(wo!too exaggerate for a word,i know)..but that what i felt..i just can't catch up with those kind of people..i've never had a chinese or indian friend since primary 4,i recall..its just that i once have a philipino friend back when im a primary student and I dislike her because she always showing off with her new things,.what do a 9 years old kid know?hm..

Getting a group of people that has the urge in dakwah here is like waiting for a miracle to happen -assalamualaikum,ustazah!'lierally that was my new 'nickname' there but I just move own pretending that i never hear it.It just that one mouth is ones,i can't stop people from talking..
'dont u fell hot wearing that big scarf?'a chinese friend ask-refering to 'a tudung labuh'..'i'm used to it.'i answered..really,i felt a bit left out with all those 'up-2-date' people around me that sometimes i do felt like trying to be like soul was not that tough,i know but i still doing fine.. i met this girl that really give me the stregth and this boy..i do remember when a night that i've been choosen to be a coordinator of a festival,he spoke to us
'this is our time to show them that we can bring the truth within their soul' ourselves and have faith in Allah..

It's ok that i was called ustazah,o i've been left out as 'old-fashion girl' but overall i felt respected and safe..

But that time i realise,i have a responsible,i have a job...not to be like them o persuade them to be like me but to acknowledge them with the truth in islam,the way of life..

One month later
Our progress was and my 4 others friend was handing out 'risalah' throuhout the camp..we make a small talk regarding women to be specialize..
Some of them didnt even know that dyeing is 'haram'
I felt happy and more to relieve as I realise that they still have the stregth and hope to change to a better person..although they are stubborn a way of nature..rite
To share with u..coupling between muslim and non-muslim is a norm here,not to mention the worse ex-SMKA with ex-SMKA..
Hearing there excuse did make me feel crushed and sad..
'it is one way to bring them to islam..if they love us,surely they will convert to islam'

'why do you hold hands?it still illegal..' the guy answered confidently..'they didn't know about the rules in islam.' it is not a sin for them..

It a sin for you!!,the word just flew in my mind..i was speechless that was just i had a vision of things that would happen in a decade after that time..What would happen to our siblings out there..

'Ya Allah,faghfirlana zanbina..
Allahumma aslih shababana!!
Allahumma aslih sulukahum!!

It time for a change..
When one want a difference,it takes just a faith in the Almighty..xD

To be continue..