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The Beautiful Dhuhaa


8.30 a.m

It was a bright sunny day as I walk along the lake on my way to attend my weekly Halaqah. I smiled as I watch a group of people having their lunch while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Lake Garden.

I was a bit early, so I chose a comfortable place under the shade of a  big tree facing the beautiful lake and took out my phone from my sling bag, 

" My dear akhawats, Alhamdulillah, I have already arrived at the Lake Garden, I'll send the picture to our group, see you soon, In Shaa Allah, our Halaqah will start at 9. p/s: Please bring along your Quran and a Sajadah. Love you always, Sara" I texted.


 9.05 a.m

" Assalamualaikum, Kak Sara, how are you today? " Ain comes, with her other two friends, Fatimah and Salwa. " Alhamdulillah, bikhair " I replied. We sit in a circle waiting for Khadijah and Maryam to join. " We are on our way, kak Sarah, please wait for us ;) " was their text. I smiled as I replied their text; " Ok dear, kheir, In Shaa Allah, drive safe ;)".

 9.20 a.m

" Here we are! Sorry girls for being late :) " Khadijah surprised us. Ain cleared her throat and said, " Ehm, Assalamualaikum Khadijah ". Khadijah giggled. "Waalaikumsalam..hehe" she answered.
" Let start our Halaqah, girls ;), this is the best time to start, our topic today is so much related to this particular time of the day" They all looked at me puzzled. 

" What is our topic of discussion for today? " Salwa asked excitedly. I let them guess for a moment. " What time is it now, Fatimah? " I asked. Fatimah looked at her watch and said, " It is exactly 9.30 a.m, kak Sara"

" How is the day today, Maryam? Did you notice anything while you are driving just now?" " Hm, nothing special, it is a bright sunny day today!" Maryam answered confidently. " Do you know the Arabic word for this particular time of a day?" And just then, Salwa smiled and said," It is the hour of Dhuhaa." I nodded.

" You are right, Salwa, and do you know what is so special about Dhuhaa? "
" Is not that we are encouraged to pray the 2 rakaat of Dhuhaa prayer, for a blessing of Rizq?"

That is true, but why did Allah took an oath by the name of "Dhuuhaa " in Surah Ad-Dhuhaa?. We soon will learn that there are two important reasons why Allah swear by the name of Dhuhaa in the Quran." 

"What is it? What is it? " They asked anxiously.

" The purpose of oaths in Surah Ad-Dhuhaa is  to catch our attention and to make us reflect on what is happening around us. Dhuhaa literally means Morning Brightness.

" If you are used to commuting and driving in the morning, you would notice that when the sun is starting to rise it can get really bright. It may not be as hot as the noon sun, but it sure is bright. Just like today, just like right now, " I emphasised.

" The Arab used to give the name Dhuhaa to the time in the morning when the sun is at its brightest that you don't see the moon and the stars. Ad-Dhuhaa is the time when the sun is alone in the sky. Allah used "Dhuhaa" as a soothing word for His beloved, Muhammad S.A.W at the time where his people ignore and abandon him. As if He was saying, " Don't be sad, I am here with you."

"Your Lord has not abandoned you, [O Muhammad], nor has He detested [you]. ( Ad-Dhuhaa : 3)

" What happened at that time? " Fatimah inquired.

" The revelation stop coming for few days and at the same time, a group of Mushrikoon, ( one of the scholar says, it is the wife of Abu Lahab) made a sarcastic comment to Muhammad S.A.W that "your God has forsaken and abandoned you". They further commented that "God is displeased with you."Some of the mufasiroon says that it is due to this upsetting comments that this Surah is revealed. Allah was comforting the Prophet by revealing the Surah. Subhanallah.

That is something that we can take a lesson from,  the beauty of the word "Dhuhaa". If the whole world rejects you, realise that you are not actually alone in this world, because there is the One who is above the Heaven who accepts you and just like "Dhuhaa" who stands alone in the brightest, we sometimes have to be alone to shine the brightest.

Sometimes, we need that time to be alone and just spend it by talking to Him. Do you know what is the best time for it? " I asked them.They all shook their head.

" It is during Tahajud, the time where you are being alone with Allah at the one-third of the night. The feeling of being alone and talking to Him is priceless. It is something that you will never get to explain in words, but you can feel in your true heart." 

Their eyes widen. " Subhanallah, there are more story of "Dhuhaa" than I already know, it is not just about the Dhuhaa prayer, it is something more, something that we can reflect whenever we see the sun shines brightly in the sky" Fatimah concluded. " Indeed, it is not just about " what a sunny day today" but more on " how wonderful that Allah gives us the beautiful Dhuhaa " Maryam continued.

" Alhamdulillah, a new gem from today's halaqah, thank you, Kak Sara for the sharing, I hope that I can be as bright as the "Dhuhaa" whenever I stand up for my Tahajud spending my time alone with Him during the one-third of the night" Salwa prayed.We all prayed the same.

" Alhamdulillah, I'm so happy that we all can benefit from the lesson of Surah Dhuha, and that conclude our Halaqah for today. Hm, since it still Dhuhaa time, let us pray Dhuhaa together here, is it ok with all of you? "

" With pleasure " They answered.

In a hadith recorded in Sahih Muslim, the Prophet (s) said:
“Every morning there is on the bones and joints of any of you a charitable act. Every tasbeehah is a charitable act; every tahmeedah is a charitable act; every tahleelah is a charitable act; every takbeerah is a charitable act; ordering the good is a charitable act; eradicating evil is a charitable act. To fulfill that charity, it is sifficient to pray two rakats of Dhuha.” 

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How Love Feels

“Alhamdulillah, I have long forgotten how it feels to fall in love again” Maryam monologued. Maryam used to develop this habit of falling in love since she was in her secondary year of school whenever she found someone that remind her of her father. Everyone who knows her knew that she missed him very much. The only thing she has is a picture of an old man who carries her on his lap that she kept in her purse. It was her late father.
Her father passed away when she was a little girl, and over these past years, she has been brought up by her strong and courageous mother. As time goes by, she grew up becoming one who could not live without love as though it is the only primary concern in her life.
" Is it wrong to love someone, or to be loved by someone?" she wrote it in her journal. She will write everything in her journal that reminds her about happiness, and love. She just used to avoid negative thoughts to be lingering on her mind. It just reminds her of her late father and that will make her sad.
" The only thing you need is love. When you love someone, you will never be in despair " she writes. She was in the midst of writing an entry in her personal blog about " How Love Feels ".  She starts writing about all her love life and her writing just excite her readers more. 

" Your heart throbs whenever you see him, yet the idea of him in your thoughts just makes you smiles. You talk everything that relates to him which excites you. He is everything you think of when you wake up and when you sleep. Live without him is unbearable. At least, that is what I think when I first meet him, but it turns out to be the opposite. My heart feels anxious whenever I see him and those sleepless nights I got thinking about him has been a waste. I never felt at peace since I meet him. Live without him is unbearable. And that does not feel right. Is not love suppose to be everything that makes you happy?
And that makes me think, is that how love suppose to be? All this while, I always believe that when you find your true love, you have everything. I never get a chance to live with my father, and I never feel a love from a man before, and just the feeling of loving someone intrigued me in many ways... Except that it does not excite me anymore. 
Why? Deep down in my heart, I realize that it is not a true love, indeed. It is not real love suppose to be. It is not real love suppose to feel. When you love a wrong person. When you love a wrong thing. When you love other more than HIM."

Her heart throbs whenever she reads the Quran, as the idea of Him in her thoughts makes her smiles. She talks everything that relates to Him and whenever she looks anything around her, it always remind her of the verses in the Quran. Allah is everything she thinks of when she wakes up and when she sleeps. Live for Him is a blessing. That's how love feels.The feeling of true love, indeed.

"...But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah..." ( Surah Al-Baqarah: 165 )

As Maryam continues writing her thoughts, she praises Allah saying,“Alhamdulillah " for the blessings of falling in love with Him, and falling in love with His Book of Wisdom. Whenever she hears a lecture or a talk that reminds her of Allah and The Quran, she falls in love again. The feeling is priceless. And the feeling never fades. It just grew. Those who found Allah lives happily ever after and that is the truth.

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I just finish my work that evening, and as soon as I came home, my 6 years old Rayyan greet me at the front door, giggling. I was a bit surprised and curious at the same time and said, "I wonder what happen today that makes Rayyan happy, hmm...." I asked myself enough to let Rayyan hears me. " I fast today! " he answered. " It was hard, but I manage to do it well, I thought of breaking my fast in the afternoon, but I remember what Dad said to me early in this morning.."

Before I get to ask about it, he gives me the answer." Dad promises to give me something if I fast a whole day today!" he said excitedly. " And did Daddy say what is it that he want to give you?" I asked out of curiosity. " No, but whatever it is, I feel good about it!"Rayyan answered.

" What makes you feel good about it? " I try to engage in a conversation with him realising that a child of his age usually shows a rapid development of mental skills and learn better ways to describe experiences and talk about their thoughts and feelings. " I do what Dad told me to do" he answered confidently. " When someone ask you to do something and you do it, you will get something good in return, right?" he continues.

" Very good, Rayyan" I compliment him. " Do you know that Allah is the One that told us to fast when He revealed the Ayah of Fasting to the believers?". 

"O you who believe, Fasting has been decreed upon you as it was decreed upon those before you hopefully you may become from among the righteous" ( Surah Al-Baqarah :183) 

Rayyan's eyes widen as he asked," Did Allah tell us what we will get in return?". I laughed before answering, " But of course! When someone ask you to do something and you do it, you will get something good in return, right?" I winked at Rayyan as he smiles. "Allah even told us what we will get in return, do you know what is it?" I inquired.

"What is it?" Rayyan asked curiously. " You'll get to enter Ar-Rayyan."

"Is it not my name?" he looks amazed. I nodded. " Yes, it is your name and also a name of a gate in a paradise, a gate for those who observe their fasting"

“In Paradise there is a gate called al-Rayyan, through which those who used to fast will enter on the Day of Resurrection, and no one but them will enter it.They will be asked‘Where are those who fast?’ They will get up, and none will enter it but them. When they have entered, it will be locked, and no one else will enter.” (al-Bukhaari, 1763; Muslim, 1947).

Just then, Rayyan said with full enthusiasm" I want to enter Ar-Rayyan because I am Rayyan! " It pleases me hearing him saying that words.

My husband comes back from work just in time before the Azan of Maghrib called. We break our fast and prayed Maghrib together along with Rayyan. And as promised, my husband gives a book as a gift to Rayyan for his efforts in fasting on that day. And guess what is the title of the book?

"Ar-Rayyan". Rayyan grins as he sees the title of the book and said," Thank you,  dad for this lovely gift, I will read it well, as much as I love Rayyan as my name, I love it as a place for those who fast "

Surprisingly, my husband asked," How well do you know about Ar-Rayyan?". As Rayyan looks at me and shares a smile and a giggle, he answered, " It is a secret, right mum? ". I laughed.

May Allah bless us in this beautiful month of Ramadhan and make us from among those people who get to enter Ar-Rayyan, Allahumma Ameen.