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A new year,a new character!

'I've always been the kind of girl,that hid my face,so I'm afraid to tell the world,what I got to say,but I have this dream right inside of me,I'm going to let it show,its time to let you know.'

Hearing this song somehow give me the strength to write about this post.

We are now have step on a new zone of year(1430H/2009M),we better make a change right?

'The fact is that Allah never changes the condition of a people until they intend to change it themselves. If Allah wants to afflict a people with misfortune,none can ward it off,nor they can find any protecter beside Him'

This morning, I did receive a message from my dearest friend,Anees.

'Sarah,I'm on the way to the airport,pray for my safe journey'.

Anees is going to Indonesia doing her practical on medicine within 2 month,gud luck for her..

It was just like last couple of days when I first step my feet to Pedas and make new friends as I always have new friend(transferring to different school every 2 years really make me a little bit difficult on getting settle with new environment)and just like yesterday,we had took our SPM result with tears of happiness..Now,without realising the time goes by,we have left Pedas and take our own path in achieving our goals but amazingly what makes 'ukhwah' a beautiful word,we didn't feel apart as we still contact each other,seeing each other in our spare time,and sometime we also have a sleep over.

Coming to this new year,'back to school'is the most known phrase..among younger students,I can see it when I look how excitedly my sisters and my brother getting ready with their school stuff..all the stationary,new bags and my sister also had a quick review on the new textbook bought by my parent..well done,sis..a sign of an excellent student..I really miss the old days in school..but as one says life must go on..
But we ought to make a difference,a good one,nobody is perfect but we can try in order to be one..

I remember hearing a 'tazkirah' by one of my seniors in Dq,about how most muslims react nowdays unnaturally and unpredictably,women is now mostly in danger,children being kidnapped and killed,youngsters are destroyed just because of a little pinch of drugs.
My friend ones tell me how she felt when going on a walk the night when the indepent day celebration was held at the Dataran Merdeka but what she saw is a way beyond a celebration,it was more like a picture of disaster among youngsters.

We're just being rocked by the clamorous news of our siblings in Gaza,being treated like an animal,being killed without huminity,could you imagine if you are at their place,they're fighting for their pride,their life and most of all fight for islam..

The question is are we ready and willingly to be like one of them?Hope this new year will open our mind to a better resolution in the future,the most important thing to survive islam,our truly religion in the world.
Who will start if not us,care to be a 'mujahid to shahid'?
Go for extra building up our new character in this new year!