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Quran as my bestfriend:)


After being dormant for a while..this blog is back activated..but I can't guarantee this will go apparently like before but I try my best to 'steal' some time..

'What is the purpose of having a blog if u don't write in it?'..really a straightforward question,huh?

I try to protest,but as I think in a while,there is a right thing in the question..*being an optimist*

Talking about time which flies, I just realised that I have just 1 year left in DQ before I would like to further my study in the university..

Really going to miss here..

Doing my best is my priority.. Surely, 2 years has given me much experience to continue my journey in life.

Memorising Quran along with my friends make us advised everyday.. I had observed a lot these years make me realized and amaze of my own friends..
Even a small little thingy-thing obstacle them,they will take it without pain..

And I realise,everyone can memorize the Quran but not all can remember it fully,and this is one thing I would like to do best before I left this 'Home of Quran'..

' Quran is not for the brilliant ones, Quran is for the one who possess diligence'-

Memorizing Quran is not the same thing as learning subjects.. Even in law,known as legal and factual study sometimes just needing of logical thinking..

But when we talk about Quran,it is something that is so pure and true. Even if we mistaken in uttering the hurf,the meaning would be changed completely..

Maybe you will assume that memorizing the Quran is difficult as we have to focus and care for every phrase we read.Not to tell the tajwid and fasohah will be credit too..

But as the saying..
'Rome is not built in one day',

Just like learning ABC,we learn from recognising the alphabet,uttering the sound,pronouncing the word.. Isn't it took a whole lot of year to become as what we are today?

'Why not used our leisure time to read the Quran that is full of true stories?'my friend asked once we're gathered after having our lunch.

It is true, I realize..why do people rather talk hours and hours on non-important-things than taking only about 10min every time after prayer to read and understand 1 page of the quran?

Just imagine...
Have you ever felt what the Quran will tell us if it can really talk?

'When you're just a child,
you're my best friend,
you touched me with ablutions,
you held and learned me patiently,
you uttered me beautifully,
you kissed me when you're done.

Now,you're getting seem that you're not interested in me anymore..
Have I become obsolete to you? Maybe you think that I'm just for children in their, I'd been kept neatly somehow you forgot where you put me.

Sometimes I would be just a dowry for a wedding. And I was left discharge..

In the past,you usually read me with your friends in the musolla,before and after praying,
But now,you are more interested in reading newspapers in the morning, reading other books in the afternoon..
Until,you neglect me even though you knew I'm full of more interesting truth..

As you went to work, you forget to say 'Bismillah',my opening..
On your way, you're preoccupied with English songs.. There is not a single tape of my content in your would rather be listening to your favourite channel in the radio.

You didn't bring me along to your workplace..
'Don't have time to read' would be your excuse..
And I realise that you're not interested in me anymore..

At night,you can hold your eyes hours in front of the television watching your favourite movie. When you're in front of computer,you can sit hours just to play games..

The time goes without you realise, I had become dull collecting dirt in your drawer..

As I remember,when it comes to Ramadhan,that is when you read me again..but not as good as before..

But remember, when you're buried alone,when you would be asked about your deeds,who would you think will help you?
It is ME,that you have read when you're still alive..

But now,you're still wasting your time,in every moment that had past..
Have you realized?

But if you read me again and you enjoy intelligently, I will come to you as a savior from the hell..

I beg you,hold and read me again..and take eternal care of me because I'm Quran,Allah's words for whom that cared and whom that realized.. Take me wherever you go so you can read me and take good lesson from me..

Every morning,every evening and every night..just like when you're just a child back then..'

If it really can talk..

*Reminder for me before others*



Mujahadah January 28, 2010 at 8:32 AM

Salaam. Yarrr that is what we've been trying to practise back then in my 6th form college. "bah 10 mins saja." sekalinya sampai setangah jam! sometimes we forget the world! awwwww i miss all those times!! Iatah, Quran is SO beautiful that it capture my heart. I feel like Allah is talking to me straight to my heart. We cannot get this unless we change ourselves, mingle with positive people who really want to learn with you. Mujahadah!! How can we memorize hundred pages of French book w/o understanding? What's the purpose of all that? However, Allah will still bagi pahala banyak to us yg menghafaz. But, tell me. How long will that last? The reason why most of we all people easily go astray and immature. Nauzubillah min zalik. That is what we are trying to do, UNDERSTAND. menjiwai dgn hati. Yes, you and me, and all people. Start each day with a verse and discuss wt knowledgeabe people, be patient, inshaAllah, we will need nothing besides Allah alone. Trust me. Terasa tu tani banar2 mana yg lurus mana yg salah. Love. Love. Love. :)) aku doakan yang terbaik untukmu sarah. hugs!

Mujahadah January 28, 2010 at 8:35 AM

just so y know the french book is an analogy. any other than that? teehee. Love. Love. Love!

faizsolehan February 4, 2010 at 7:13 AM

salam sarah...... ni faiz solehan......:)......rindunye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!