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Fighting Over Your Biggest Fear!~

Salam,right, here's the deal!~

It was midnight and I can't get my eyes shut, it was like something urging me to stay up on this night,my eyes was fighting against my mind~is it permissible,huh?

"May be there is a problem with your Adrenal Glands?" Here come the doctor-to-be*talking about my sister who keep asking me whenever I came up with this kind of situation ,haish~*

Talking about this coming final exam sure making most of us in a big shiver or even lacking in sleep..really, its something that I fear!to sit in an exam~it make me sick just thinking of it but its not my biggest fear though, what I fear most or lacking was a communication skills~

That recall me back what my friend use to advice me when ever I can't get out of my biggest fear especially when it comes to an individual's presentation? To be honest, I really dislike it, to talk in front of the people, in my case, around 40 people in the hall,haih, it something that I'll like to avoid if I can..

But, as it takes a carry marks of 40 to my exam, it something that I can't refuse to do it!~

"Just think, whether you afraid of it or not, you just have to do it,, better for you to just let go of your fear!~"-A friend

From that moment, I said to myself: " Why not do some good changes to yourself, You know what your biggest fear, so take your step to overcome it!

I always having questions that needing for answers in my mind but I just afraid to let it out, that's always be one of my problem, I'm just to afraid to accept what would other people think of me..The thing is, I'm not a bit of a 'quiet person' that most of people around me assumed, because truthfully, I'm kind of a 'talkative' sort when it comes to discussions with my friends,

How can I compile this, I always like to talk and share my opinion with my friend* the closest,perhaps*, but not merely to people I'm not acquaintance with~May be that is the cause of people to label me as the quiet one..hmm..

But as I done it, right, talking about the presentations, I'm having in three years time here, I learn that, it something that satisfy you in the end, not just building up your confidence, it also let you to share your thought with others around you!

As I came across an article about 'having to overcome your fear', it makes me think deeply and hard,and suprisingly as I read it, it was like the articles was talking about me, and it strike deep in the bottom of my heart..

It was just like something spark me at that time, something burning within my soul, I need a change, I really need it, if it's for my better future, I will take the risk..what I need is His guidance, yes, and I was suprised that His answer came faster that I'd imagine!

"If Allah helps you, none can overcome you: If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? In Allah, then, let believers put their trust.” (Surah Al-Imran:160)

That is when I met a brother in the Interactive Dakwah Training, and I believe this is one of His answers regarding my prayers.

'When will you finish your study in DQ?,"He asked me once." This coming February,I believe,"I answered

"Why not you join us for a special training during your holiday ,helping reverts muslim with their
learnings, I believe I can have some helps especially with the muslimah~"

I was overwhelmed with his invitation, and I happily agreed." This is the chance that Allah gives me that I will appreciate it" I murmured myself.This is like a dream come true! I always like to help others, like I usually done with my aunts~

Credit to my Angah,as she always inspired me with her NGO's association she'd been involving and she never fail in making our family proud of her with all the charity event she's doing in her association~sometimes I just get to be her P.A in conducting the event, now that was an unforgettable experience:)

"Grab the chance,sarah!" my friends are always there supporting me.My parents also came to an agreement.This nevertheless gives me the courage to move on in overcome my fear..yup!

I believe to overcome our fear, is a bit dificult for a start, but believe me, although I'm still afar from successing in fighting my fear, ones you took the step to make a difference to yourself, that will became the boost to go foward for a self-improvement!

When I recall a quote about overcoming our fear, it always begin with difficulties, that I have no doubt about it..and that I have to take as a risk in order to become a successful person in the future..I just have to try~

" Arrow goes forward only after pulling in to backwards.Bullet goes forward only after pressing the trigger backwards.Every human being will get their happiness only after facing the difficulties in their life path,so do not afraid to face your difficulties, they will push you forward"

May be the path that I've chose, is the path towards overcoming my fears, yes, I'm intending to further my study in Law, if Allah wills, and I believe this will be one of my chances in building up my confidence in the future, I've seen some of my family who had succeding in Law and had open their own firm and it really open up my mind to take this course as my future career.

Again, it is all about Allah's will, and I have no doubt that He's the best planner among the best~
Ya Allah, ease my task and grant my wish, I'm just hoping you to guide me towards the best place for me in this world and in the Hereafter~

"Jika sesuatu itu menurutMu baik bagiku, keluargaku, kehidupanku dan kesudahanku, maka Kau permudahkanlah bagiku serta berkatilah, Namun jika menurutMu, sesuatu itu buruk bagiku, keluargaku, kehidupanku dan kesudahanku, maka Kau jauhilah dariku serta Kau tenangkanlah dengan ketentuanMu!~
"Life is a test, and the reward will be given to whom that possess patiance~

Reminding myself above others~