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Writing from your heart

" What are we going to write for our next post, huh? any idea? " the girl turn to her loyal friend sitting just beside her while drinking her cafe latte. " I assume that you would know best " was her reply.

" Humph, I thought I can have some help with a different view from others rather than this brain of mine " she grumbled pointing out to her head which is covered with a blue hijab. Looking at that pitiful face in front of her, she decided; " How about a walk in the park, I say that the weather this morning is quite relaxing, may be in this way, you can get some ideas for your next post ."

The girl smile agreeably. Without hesitation, she grab her blue coat, take a glimpse of herself in front of the mirror, and step out from her big bungalow house heading to the park next to her neighbourhood.

That was a great deal by looking at a view of nature. One thing that brings one a great serenity insight one's soul. The beauty of the nature itself captured the heart of beings. The colour that blend together in harmony create a balanced ecosystem that bring peace to this world. The girl monologued. And suddenly, she pick up her lucky-pen and take a piece of paper from her black brief case eager to write another wonderful idea that has popped out from her mind that moment. Smiling looking at the lake in front of her, she wrote;

" The story begins with...."

" Hey, Maria, what you are doing alone in the park? Have your holiday started? How's collage? New friends? And by the way, have you meet Laila? I heard she move in to our neighbourhood a few months ago" There goes a tones of questions from this dear friend of her. Maria can't stop but smiling ear to ear having to meet this longed- besties-of- her. Having regain from a sudden encounter, she answered with a laughing voice;

" You sure startled me, in this time when I have this ideas ready to burst out from my brain right now, and yes,yes, it's great, a ton of them, and no, haven't meet her since I just started my holiday few days ago "

"How's that for the answers to your questions? " Maria laughed joyfully.

" Stop teasing me, oh, but I really do miss you, " she hugged Maria. Maria smiled in tears hugging her back thinking that how long it has been for them to shared this beautiful friendship. " It has been almost 10 years" she murmured herself.

" you are writing about friendship...again? " suddenly, Amy, her loyal friend come sitting beside the girl looking at the mesmerizing view in front of her. " What's wrong with it? " the girl asked looking unsatisfied. She put down her pen and turned looking directly to the girl beside her. " Tell me, is anything wrong? " she demanded.

Amy shook her head before answering; " There is nothing wrong with it, it just seem obvious to me that you still waiting for her to return, back into your life, I mean your dear friend who had been missing about three years ago, right? " The girl's eye widen in shock hearing Amy's honest comment. '

But then, the girl grinned; " You know me well, Amy". " But you know what, I always believe that, what ever comes from your heart, is always about what you desire to have, and by writing it, you teach your heart to believe that anything can happen when you have a strong desire for it " 

Amy smiled, " As expected from a writer, you sure have caught me with your 'words'. That I dare not to interfere. They both laughed. " So, what will happen next? " Amy asked curiously. The girl stared at the paragraph that she had wrote a while ago.

" That is still gonna be my secret alone " she said. " What? I thought you gonna share it with me, so that I can give you this-different-view-of-mine that you asked for just a while ago? " she teased. The girl can't help herself and burst into laughter hearing Amy's reply. " Read this, and tell me what you think of it!" she passed her the sheet of paper that she hold in her hand.

" Hm, writing something that comes from your heart, huh? Your true desire? now I know what you really want right now. " With a confuse look, she asked, " now, what? ". Amy pull her hand and hugged her whispering, " Indeed, it shows your true desire, what comes from heart touched a heart, what you really need right now, is a good company ". The girls hugged each other while tears fall down from their eyes, feeling thankful enough for this blissful moment of their friendship.

But, deep down in this girl's heart, is that the story is not about her longed friend that had been missing three years ago,  she is writing about this loyal friend of her, that her writing brings to the reality of what she really desire of from this 10 years of friendship. Indeed, Amy is her good companion that she thank for.

" And that was just about a few paragraphs from a whole unfinished story, it doesn't hurt to keep believing and keep writing, because one day, this writing of yours would become a reality in your strong and believing heart. Keep writing from your heart. " 
-Sarah Maimun Aqsha, 2013~


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