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The Visit, really makes me a new ME!

Last month, my class did pay a visit to INFAD at USIM..

~the entrance~

Scenery outside the institute

Our morning really start with a bit of annoying when the bus that was supposed to come at 6.30 came a bit late but overall it was really an enjoyable day.The journey took about 2 n a half hour from our place but surely we really know how to comfort our self,some of us really take this opportunity to take a short nap and some would rather stick their earphone and relaxing their body while hearing musics.

'let we see, our breakfast today would be bread n soya drink.' announce our leader as the bus run its wheel. I supposed that was the easiest n fastest food that we can have as we start our journey in that early.No complaining!,continued my leader.

On our arrival, we were guided by two beautiful lady wearing a cot( wow, they're just look like lawyers,educated lawyers..I said silently).We were brought to an auditorium for a talk..

walking anxiously.....because we're late!

Sorry, forgot to tell, actually, my class has been invited to hear a talk about Jihad in Islamic law's reference.It was a nice talk although I admit that I really didn't understand the whole thing that they presented as they use 100% Arabic,but surprisingly one of the presenter was my truly idol from Damascus University,Professor Dr.Wahbah Zuhaily.

Dr Wahbah Zuhaily in his talk regarding Syariah

The 3 educated presenter sit with calm after their talk

I really can't imagine how lucky am I to see him with my own eyes, hearing him talk really makes me eager to further my study in the law business, not because I want to be known but to study the real purpose and the actual condition that Malaysian took regarding in law. Further more to straighten back the Islamic law that has been not-so-important-unlike-civil law in our country.

O people who have brought faith,if in fact you are true worshiper of Allah alone
that eat freely those lawful things that WE have given you and be thankful
Allah!(Qur'an 2:172)

Seeking for advices- how I can be a good lawyer?

Pose for a picture- nice background, rite?

After the talk, we were be given lunch n the boys went to the mosque for Jumaat prayer since it was on Friday..

2.00 a clock in the evening, we continued our visit to Infad( Institut Penyelidikan Fatwa Sedunia) which is around that area.There, we had been given a talk briefly about the job scope of the institute.After that, we were brought and being showed around the institute which complete with a library (full of books,of course), a computer lab and meeting rooms.

You can read it...

preoccupied by the lecture, they didn't even blink!

Women can be a Mufti..I know, that surprised me 2

Some of the souvenirInside the computer lab ( or smart lab?)
Too many books,didn't know which one to choose
Giving a talk briefly about the faculty of lawHazirah seeking for a chance to raise her hand,'many question to ask',her favourite phrase
lawyers to be..Ameen
How would it feel sitting up there as a judge?

My real focus is the yellow building,OK..nothing to do with the girls

Our visit ended with an evening tea managed by the institute itself.our bus leave USIM at about 6.00.
Just then, my leader announce, 'Rite, guys, our next destination will be Nilai 3' word running in my mind that time, SHOPPINGGG...(girl stuff, I know!),guess what, when we arrive there,the money that I used up is just buying ABC( Air Batu Campur)..ya,i really didn't know what to buy so I decided to just go on a window shopping..

Waiting for our food

Before going back to DQ, we stop at the nearby musolla to perform our prayer n headed to a restaurant for a dinner.We arrived at DQ around 11.00 a clock.I have make up my mind and my future: to be a lecturer in civil and syariah law..ameen.Feeling too tired, I slept since the next day I am going to KL to visit...
My aunt..


Anonymous December 13, 2008 at 6:55 AM

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Remember, embark on what you are going to achieve, then strive for it's success line!

Sara December 13, 2008 at 9:48 PM

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Anonymous January 2, 2009 at 6:52 AM

Effective as mine? Huh.. Weird..
What make you say so?