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Exam...Do you get the fever?

We were having our qiraat class when my ustaz came in with a wirely smile and said'we have a test today!

Usually,when we were stuck in a 'shock test',that was the time when we're starting to make up with excuses for example 'ustaz,we're not ready yet!' or may be we will secretly flip through the pages of our textbook in order to find the correct answer but the problem is we didn't have any chance just to peek on it.Did u get it?

'Ok,Hasmiza,stand up and answer my question and the rest please keep quit..'Now,do you get it?

5 minutes standing in silence really didn't help her much.We try to help her when suddenly my ustaz warn us.

'Imagine that you are dead and I'm Munkar that in charge on questioning you,it is up to you to answer it,right?No one is going to help you,you are alone in your grave.'

Just then my friend pass the textbook and said' Ustaz,this is the reward from the good deed she had done on earth.

My class burst out in laughter but there is a question that really can't leave my mind that time..Am I ready for the real examination in Hereafter?

Just then,I open my quran and read it..Whenever I read from sentence to another,my mind just came out with questions that make me felt guilty of myself.

'Do I pray 5 times daily with true devotion?'

'O Muhammad,say to them.'My Rabb has commanded justice and that you set your faces in the right direction at the time of every prayer and call on Him with true devotion.You shall return to Him as He created you in the beginning'

'Do I ever think just in a moment about death?

'For every nation there is a fixed term,when their term expires,it can neither be delayed for a moment nor can it be made to come early.

Do I wear the appropriate clothes?

'O children of Adam! we have sent down to you clothing to cover your nakedness and as an adornment,however,the best clothing is the clothing of piety.This is one of Allah's revelations so that the people may learn a lesson.
Do I ever realise whatever I'm doing that is bad was going to give the credit for the Satan's vow?

'I will come upon them from the front,from the rear,from the right and from the left,and You will not find most of them to be grateful'
Do I take the Quran as my fully guidance?

'We have revealed the Quran in Truth and with the Truth it has come down:and O Muhammad,We have sent you only to give good news to the believers and to warn the unbelievers.We have divided the Quran into sections so that you may recite to the people with deliberation, and We have sent it down in gradual revelations to suit particular occasions.
Whenever it came about sitting in an exam, we really hope for a success, that is why sometimes, there are some people that rather not eat just to finish their revision,for me we really need to manage our time wisely in order to get healthy life..coming to our main topic,how can we manage our life in order to success in Hereafter?

Is it enough by getting 4.0 in our CGPA? Or having a good job with lots of money in our hands?

Exams that we sit now is just a determinant for a better life and job but the exam that we will have in the Hereafter is the one that will be the determinant of our destination whether it will end in the heaven or hell(wana'uzubillah)

Now,is the time that we quest our knowledge and conquered the field in becoming not just the true muslim but also the true mukmin,insya allah..

Who is the success?

'Indeed successful are those believers who are humble in their prayers,who avoid vain talk,who are punctual in the payment of Zakah,who guard their private parts except with their spouses or those who are legally in their possession,for in that case they shall not be blamed,however those who seek to go beyond that in lust are the one who shall be the transgressors-who are true to their trust and covenants,and who are diligent about their Salah.These are the heirs,who will inherit paradise,and live therein forever.
Who is the clever?
Those who remember death.

I remembered myself and you that all the work we have done will be judged in the Day of Judgement..there is no one that will be left adjudged.

Taken the words from Abdullah bin Abu Amru,he said,

'Work for your worldly as if you're going to live forever and work for the next as if you're going to die tomorrow'



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