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Look around,you'll find the answer

It was windy in Darul Quran.Sometimes I felt like I was in a northen part of the world.We was assured to wear a sweater.Can you imagine how strong the wind is?I was enjoying the feel of the wind back in my class when my mind just recall when I was in kindergaten, I once ask my teacher.

'Teacher,where is Allah?How come we never saw Him?'My teacher questioned me back.'Can you feel the wind?I nodded.Can you see it?I shooked my head then.Do you believe it's existance?I nodded again.The same as Allah,We never saw Him but we can feel Him in our heart and we believe His existance!'explained my teacher.

That time,I just nodded without any idea what my teacher was babbling about.She just said,You will grow and will understand,look around you and you'll find the answer.

'Allah brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers when you knew nothing,and He gave you hearing,sight and intelligence so that you may give thanks to Him.'

Allah give us the sight and hearing for us to observe the world..with the combination of our intelligent,we learn the good and bad things in the world.

Just look at a tiny creature that live in colony like ants and bees..Whenever I saw those creatures, I like to see their doing,may be some will call me an insane but what I'm thinking is differ, I realize that we as muslims can't live alone without a colony just like ants..We need to work together,help each other,love and care with all our heart.There is no such word as tight-fisted in the ant's world.No matter how much they collect their food,it is surely will be shared equally among themselves.In order to built mujahideen,we have to have people which mean more than one,we have to work in a congregation.We have to create people with the same thinking in building a generation that really take islam as a way of their life.We are the one that responsible in it.

What would be the answer, if someone asked you about the most strongest building in the world? I'm sure you will come out with many different answer..'the spinx..or may be Big Wall of China..but have you realize how strong a tree could be..not only strong,but beneficial too,just imagine the roots that is origanally grip through the soil,how it will suck in the water in order to make the tree healthier,sometime if we look the trees and plant around us,we realise how Allah created thing that not just small but also strong..

Whenever,I feel sad, I imagine of the colourful of a rainbow,with that,I felt friend once give me a word or two that explain about the rainbow..

'Whenever we are disappointed in something,just remember, a rainbow never came out unless after the rain,and every difficulties,they must be a relief.

Look how Allah create the morning with light(sun) for us to work and search for live an how Allah created the dark night for us to rest and the stars as guidence for the ship?

Do you think Allah create something without any purpose?

Let us think the meaning of these verses,

'Is not He(Allah,),who has created the heavens and earth,send down rain from the sky and with it brings forth the beautiful gardens not better than the false gods that they worship?
Just think who has made the earth a place for your residence,caused in it the rivers to flow,set mountains upon it and placed a barrier betwen the two seas?
Just think who answers the oppressed persom when he cries out to Him and relieves his affliction,and makes you,O mankind,inheritors of the earth?
just think who guides you in darkness on the land and the sea and who sends the winds as heralds of good news of His Mercy?
Just think who originates creation and then repeats its production and who gives you sustances from the heavens and the earth?Say'Show us your proof if you are telling the truth!'say,No one in the heavens or in the earth has the knowledge of the unseen except Allah'

Whenever,we felt like being a jerk,just look and observe the world wide,and remember the creator(Allah) and try to searh the peace with Solat and Du'a..
We really didn't need any M16 to fight,what we need is du'a and a full rely on Allah..thats our real weapon..

'He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth,When He decrees a thing,He needs only to say,'Be' and there it becomes,



Firdaus Muhammad February 23, 2009 at 7:37 AM

em congratulation,
nice post !!
when i read this post, i remember one of the versus in Al-quran,

"And We did not create the heaven and earth and that between them in play." (surah Al-anbiya':16)

All the things in this universe had created by Allah have something which we can take as lessons for us in order to close to Allah...
InsyaAllah.. :)

Anonymous February 25, 2009 at 8:13 AM

oh my dear sarah,
i wish that i could write in english juz like u..i really mean it..huhu..but until now,even my i use english a lot more compare in school, i still cant write like you..uhuhu..

really nice post..
very smooth languange..
(i wish sara i can do it too, i wish..huhu..)

Anonymous March 3, 2009 at 8:55 AM

Observing the creation. It reminds me a verse,

(Such as remember Allah) pray to Allah, (standing) when they are able to, (sitting) when they cannot stand, (and reclining) when they can neither stand nor sit, (and consider) the marvellous things which are contained in (the creation of the heavens and the earth, (and say): Our Lord) they say: O our Lord! (Thou createdst not this in vain) for nothing. (Glory be to Thee!) exalt Allah [from any thought that He created them in vain]. (Preserve us from the doom of Fire) drive away from us the torment of hell. (Surah Ali Imran : 191)

Indeed, we are asked to be, not only OBSERVERS, but, express the GRATITUDE of His creation. That's the pre-requisite on becoming ULUL ALBAB..

I remembered the day I used to memorizing surah Al-Furqan, we are ought to be the person;