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Listen to your heart...^^,

It has been a while( is it?..haha)i haven't writing any post in my blog..really have to do a 'major cleaning' in here..

It just that, to tell you the truth,in a while, my brain will full of ideas in writing but the next,it seems to lost in the wind unconsciously..sometimes I feel like I'm out of the spirit and ' Am I qualified to motivate others as I'm not fully-motivate myself? will always haunted me whenever I start to press a letter on my keyboard..I always intend to find my real strength in it but seems I'm not ready yet until..

You motivate others,you are motivating yourself nonetheless"

"You write, you developed and you will learn!"

" He Who taught (the use of) the pen,Taught man that which he knew not."
Surah Al-Alaq:4-5

And that makes me inspirit and that time I told myself,

"While I have the time and energy, why not use it beneficially?And even I'm not brave enough to talk in front of thousands of people staring straight at me, I'm sure will be brave to write to thousands of people whom happen to hoping in my blog"

As we write,we are actually talking and sharing what exactly playing in our mind, of utmost importance,we write with full sincerity because everything that came across from our deep heart is full of verity.And whenever those pieces of writing spark other in a virtue,that is when we called it as blessings.

Talking about yesterday isn't worth if it happens to be blame of..but if it something that can make us enthusiastic for the future,there is something we need to learn from our past..because the past is a history,and history can be something that we can take lessons from..

And that what happen to me,I was having a dinner with my aunt yesterday along with my friend when suddenly, I felt something is not right( it got to be related with the instincts,I suppose?hmm)

Have you ever felt like crying without any reason to? or you just felt heavy-hearted all in the sudden?or have you ever approach your friend and suddenly told her "I'm sad!" and when she asked about the reason,you just give her a shrug and in a while she will look at you in confusion?

But that time, who will we be thinking utmost?
Yes! ALLAH..
He give us the feeling..for what reason?
I would rather think the answer is all in your mind..
just think of it for a while..
And you will find that it all about ALLAH's love towards us...

And whenever it happens to me,I bear in my mind,

Sometimes ALLAH breaks our spirit to save our souls,
He breaks our hearts to make us whole,
He allows pain so we can be stronger,
He send us failure so we can be humble,
He allows illness so we can take eater care of ourselves,
He takes everything away from us so we can learn the value of everything He gave us..
And that makes me realize and understand that we live by ALLAH'S grace...

"You know the secret of pillars of ISLAM?"My aunt asked me after we have done dining.
(Actually, it just my aunt and my friend who are enjoying the food, not me,because at that time.I'm really not in the 'MOOD')

"It happens to reveal the truth of the world!!"My aunt start her talk.In start,I'm quite confused with her chosen word but I give her a nod to continue her story and that time me and my friend just becoming a good listener to her.

And suddenly, I smiled in gratitude..I felt motivated enough and my mood had slightly change after hearing her talk..My spirit suddenly came back and that time I just console myself,'I have to write about it!"

And I'm doing it now.....still smiling reviving what happen to me last night..

"What is the first pillar in Islam?"My aunt question me.As I answered like a good student to her teacher,"Shahadah la maksyu!..

"It shows that everything we do,has to be based on One God which is ALLAH and our prophet,messenger of ALLAH..
To Him our intention to..
That's why Shahadah is the basic in being a true Muslim.
That's why it will be the first thing to be done to become a Muslim..
Whenever we have a new brother in Islam,he will be told to utter shahadah!'

"What is the second pillar in Islam??
This time my friend answer it anxiously.."SOLAT!"
My aunt smile and nodded..
Solat is the greatest thing ALLAH has given to us..because it revealed our act in the daily life


Takbiratul Ihram...
It shows that we as Muslim had to be well-prepared in every situation or test that came across matter how things turn out,make the best out of them..
why do we have to face our side whenever we utter our salaam in our prayer?
It shows that, we as Muslim must spread salaam to whomever we met showing that we are praying a good life for them..

"How about Haj?"I asked my aunt.

'Haj revealed us to remember that we are just ALLAH'S slave
haj teach us to be humble and bear in the mind that all of us is just the same..
What makes us a difference from other is just our IMAN..

Why do we run from safa to marwa?
The teaching in that act is to make us realize that whenever we having a failure or 'break down',we will not ever-ever-ever(If I said it three times, I mean it to be serious xD) to be in despair or long as we believe that there is always hope and we just have to strive for it!!

"Don't wait for your ship to come in, SWIM OUT to it!!
Do you get it?

Special thanks for my dearest Maksyu..
for inspiring me in writing..

~reminder for me before others~


LiLi November 1, 2009 at 8:52 AM

Salaam habibati :) i read it with an opened heart. and i read it because of Allah and i know you are to be here, is to be MUJAHIDAH! :) never give up. teruskan berjihad. teruskan bersama kekasih Allah. (al-kahfi:28) let's ponder on rebut 5 perkara sebelum 5 perkara. semoga apa yg dituliskan menjadi ilmu bermanfaat dan berguna walaupun setelah mati. ameen. Such a poetic you got there! uhibbuki fillah, :) <3