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That morning of tranquility...

'Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar'

I can feel calmness within my very soul as I saw people walking heading to the beauteous mosque just beside the corner of Jalan Sentosa Street.As usual, it would be a great pleasure in my village to have all of us gathered in this beautiful and blissful day for us to perform Solat Hari Raya..It was sure another joyful experience I had after the end of RAMADHAN..

Yup.Syawal is the month of victory for us muslim..How Allah love us more,He gave us the month of Syawal for us to celebrate our victory after a full month fast,this is the day where we can break our fast( suited for it called the day as 'haram puasa')..
Quite a long start,don't you agree?

'Lailaha illallahu allahu akbar,Allahu Akbar wa lillahilhamd'

The sound continue smoothly emitting my eardrum creating a pleasant tune I enjoy much as I step the entrance of the mosque..Quite a sudden serenity I've got here as the coolness of the weather outside entered the air-conditioner building as I open the door,the first thing that surely catch my anxious eyes that time is a group of old folks sitting on the front line(seems impatience before the solat started)

Suddenly,one of them turned and smile,"Kak Sah!"..
'OK,my grandma's acquaintance..I suppose!'I smiled.And a while I'll be a good listener to their old-fascinating stories when they're in the age of mine,if I'm not mistaken but sure a fascinating one and quite a scene too where I can see a pair of long-time-no-see friend exchanging the ir hugs while talking about their lives..I wonder what would happen to me in 20 years time,can I be like them with the company of my old friends?Together we prayed and hear the khutbah?It was one of my dream to have it.Insya ALLAH..

Do I recall to tell you about a little boy I saw in the mosque?

i think not yet( I just love to answer My own question!hehe)

Here the story begin,I was sitting alone at the edge of the mosque after performing solat sunat,and ready to have a quick i'adah of Surah Yusuf when a cute little boy came sitting beside me.i stop my i'adah for a while in the care to ask the little one(about 5 years old)wether he lost and where could his mom gone to but the boy just give me his cute little smile and stare the Quran I'm holding just in front of me and said'bacelah!I'm quite like a statue for a while but I just continue with it and surprisingly he was reciting Surah Yusuf along with me without looking at the Quran..

I like this boy,I'm amazed with him!"I thought myself..

How I adore him and how he can memorize the Quran,(if not, still,Surah yusuf)in that age!Subhanallah..

Suddenly,looking at the bunch of children playing around outside the mosque revive me of the little boy I saw at the last Raya..Eversince, that makes my heart intrigued to memorize the Quran..sure that time which happen during the first Raya 2007..

What usually would we get on the first Raya?

Duit Raya?
Different kind of Kuih Raya?
New Baju Raya?
or a full scene of relatives during Raya?

This is what I get...

Duit Raya to spent more..
Kuih raya to eat even when my brain alert me'FULL,,FULL'
Baju Raya to show off with the latest touch of my own aunt
And a dull scene of relatives since my perfect place is in my closed bedroom upstairs with books encounter me..

this is what I get when I'm a child!!
But as I grew older and while I'm standing in my own feet,
this is what I should get..

I get my 'duit Raya' and the money change hands(I give it to my mum)
'why did you give your mom?'
She need it more than me..I'm happy to give her..'my straight answer to my companion at that time.

i get kuih raya specially made by my aunt and brought it back to my hostel..
Instead I eat it all alone by myself,it is a good thing to share with my friends,rite?
After all,sharing means caring!(I heard that phrase somewhere,but I can't yet remember it,hmm)

I have my new baju raya,with such a beautiful colours of my choice,still I have scarf and stockings to suit with..
As what my father always warned us,AURAT,AURAT would be his favourite words but it sure makes us siblings well-trained..Thanks a lot DAD!

And a scene with my relatives?
Sure will be,after hearing my grandmother's,I and my other siblings should be in an open-eyed after this whenever our relatives pays us a visit..been motivated enough by our long-experienced granny who known to be a welcomed and adored one in our entire family..

Well,pen off!....tooo many works,sooo little time
Would be idle for a while~{sorry}


senikehidupan September 21, 2009 at 9:41 AM

A remarkable story you have there. I'm intrigue, as well something sparks me,


Relating to my stories, my prominent field, I always experience something new around the field of multimedia and photography.

Allah's designed it, doesn't He?

So, things like this remind me about the knowledge of FOCUS. If Sarah experienced to meet a 5 years kiddy, memorized Sura Yousuf, I might as well will meet someone I still don't know afterwards, multimedia expertise perhaps?


Oh, by the way, Selamat Hari Raya, 'Eid Fitri