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The Chosen One!

One day a father ask his child,' How about a quiz for you, young man in this bright beautiful day?'

His child nodded excitedly'but of course,father!'

'There was a child who was born as an orphan.His father died before his birth.His mother died too shortly thereafter and has been raised by his uncle onwards,do you know him,my child?

He nodded and answered,' He is Muhammad,the chosen one!'

His father continue..'Who is a humble merchant who could not read or write but has change the face of Arabia and has influence every corner of the world with his both religious and secular successful level?

He smiled and answered,'He is Muhammad,the chosen one!'

'With eyes as bright as the sun, a reality on his lips more brilliant than the light of the sun, a heart more fresh than the flowers of the garden, habits and morals more decent than the moon, Who is the great man,my child?'

Again,he replied the same answer,'He is Muhammad,the Chosen one!'

' What guidance that he had left for us as a legacy that he promised during his farewell speech,whoever hold fast to them,they will never go astray?'

'Quran an as-sunnah,father!'He answered.

'Indeed,my child,and he is the one who loves you,who love every single person in this world,loving his ummah wholeheartedly until even on the day of his death still managing to call out his ummah.'ummati,ummati!,right?'
He nodded.

'And so,this is my real question,my child'

'How do you show your love to him,my child?

He was speechless..and he held his head low staring at the floor.

His father smiled looking at that innocent face and said,' most of people, I do believe knew about Muhammad,the last prophet,but seldom they remember to thank him for bringing up the light to this world.'

His child held up his head full of curiousity in his eyes,'but how can we show our love or thank a person that is not here any longer?

'my child,how you show your love towards ALLAH is how you're going to show your love towards Muhammad..'

Knowing the child is still looking in a blank,his father giggled and continued,' How you obey Allah,that's how you're going to obey Rasulullah, follow his guidance in Sunnah!'

'How you pray to Allah,everyday, that is how you're going to pray to Allah in giving peace upon the Messenger,Muhammad!'

'How you knew He love us more that everything in this world,that is how you'll show him you love him by being the best in this world!'

'How he show and guide us in every of his doing during he lives, that is how you'll going to follow at this time when he is no longer to be here with us!'

Because my child,he loves us 3 times more than he love his ummah back then when he alived,'

'I didn't get it,why is it?'his child asked anxiously.

'because we follow his guidance showing that we believe in him and remembered him in our daily life even when we never saw him,how fortunate we are,get it?'

He nodded feeling amazed enough..

'and when we remembered him and pray for him,that is when he will be remembering us and pray for us in the Day of Judgement..'continued his father.

He nodded understanding what his father had spoken to him,and smiled.

'how lucky we are,right,father?'

'Indeed,my child,indeed.'

'Indeed in the Messenger of Allah(Muhammad),you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in( the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much.
(Al-Ahzab: 21)

In a time of darkness and greed,
It is your light that we need,
You came to teach us how to live,
Muhammad Ya Rasulullah...

You were so caring and kind,
Your soul was full of light,
You are the best of mankind,
Muhammad khairil khalqillah...

From luxury you turned away,
And all night you would pray,
Truthful in every word you say,
Muhammad Ya Rasulullah...

Your face was brighter than the sun,
Your beauty equaled by non,
You are Allah chosen one,
Muhammad khairil khalqillah...

I'll try to follow your way,
And do my best to live my life,
As you tought me,
I pray to be close to you,
On that Day and see you smile,
When you see me...

Sollu 'ala Rasulillah habibil Mustofa,
Peace Be Upon the Messenger,the Chosen One~

-The Chosen One,Maher Zain-

(Salam Maulidur Rasul)


atiq zizan March 4, 2010 at 11:09 PM

semoga kita bersama-sama menghidupkan sunnahnya..amin