Monday, April 5, 2010 -

Medan, my second home...

It has been 2 years since I last visited Medan and 12 years before,back then when I was just a little girl..yet I didn't recall anyone I've met in 5 years age time..but it seem this time makes my journey a lot than just a memory but a strong connection of family.
.The view of Masjid Raya just in front of our hotel

Of course my father was the most excited* truly,I can see from his face and sparkle eyes*, I know exactly how he felt,being apart from the family after 20 years living in Malaysia,he seems to miss them very much although my parents did took every opportunity in going back to my father's hometown in every event they have there,but still it is incomparable than having to live there-since my father grew up there;) sure left him the most precious memories in his entire life.

OK,I haven't mention the real purpose I'm here in Medan,actually my parents( as usual) was invited to my cousin's wedding,Kak Maisyarah(the oldest from her siblings and the oldest among us (cousins) too,she is 23,by the way..),so here we are in an airbus AK450,HAHA,still remember the flight serial number:)and since the weather is in a good condition,I fortunately can enjoy the scenery of the cloud floating by where the sun shining beautifully that early morning*OK,I admit,for my entire life riding in the airplane,this is the first time I ride it without falling asleep..since I'm one an easy-going snoozer*shh*..especially when I'm riding the plane at night..(but of course,it is night,rite?)

We depart from LCCT around 7.20a.m,and safely arrived at Medan Poloniya airport at 7.20 a.m(their time)As we arrived,my father has awaited us* long enough, I think* with a huge van,I assumed it's from the hotel we're staying,(how come my father is in Medan?He took an early flight a day before us due to attend a conference here in his hometown)when suddenly a boy approach us begging for pennies and surprisingly he was crippled..Pity flows in my heart and that time I whispered,'Oh,how difficult would that boy having in his entire life?'..How forgetful I am with my life?Subhanallah,save this boy,Ya ALLAH,give him strength..'I prayed..

Alhamdulillah,our shedule there was fully-packed with having to visit my father's family,not to mention,food is easily found here with an affordable rate too!Like what Om Kudri said,Medan was full of restaurant,they just like to eat,RM2.50 for a person is enough to make them full - can you imagine how cheap the rate there?but one thing makes me curious enough,how they maintain their weight?I just laughed hearing Om Kudri replied..'di sini harus kuat kerjanya!'
That night we have our dinner* makan aja sih..hehe* at Pak Haidar' house about half an hour ride from our hotel,I'm surprised that the road was still busy..'Macet' nya Om Kauthar...and although the road was not as systematical as in Malaysia,I can say that Medan's driver was a success,they seldom having accidents here..they seems to know where to go..but one thing I can't stand whenever we're on the road is the way they sound other drivers who pass their way,using horn..OK..that thing is quite annoying..but still I thanked Allah the most graceful,although I'm in a hectic road fulled with people, but still I can seat back in an air-conditioned car felt save rather than walking in the middle of busy road like in Medan..Alhamdulillah..

As we stop on the traffic light on the way to Pak Haidar's house, my sister pointed out of the car's window mentioning to a little girl around 2 years old sitting just beside the street.she was wearing a cloth covering her head looking pathetic as the car passing by her..
"Where can her mother be around this hour leaving her child beside the street,Ya ALLAH,how pity for her..hearing my mother,

"Kalau anak kite masa ni dah nak tidur dah.."make me realised how thankful should I be,but still to see such scenery makes my heart ache for the irresponsible parents out there..
"Maybe they face complications in their should be more grateful with your life.."my sister blurt out.Sure,I do agree with that..Alhamdulillah..

And at that time, I thought,how thankful that my family in Medan was still in a good condition although their houses is rather small to compare to the houses in Malaysia,they still have place to live and shelter from the rain,food to eat and they all educated well..Alhamdulillah..

The newly-wed~Bang Rizal n Ka Sarah

My father,Wak salleh,Om Ikhwan and Om Hasbi

Seeing my family there make me realised how fortunate I'd be for living in Malaysia but still very lucky to have them as a family in Medan..I can see they all work hard to live well..something spark in my mind that time..
"The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win."
Roger Bannister
"I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection."Thomas Paine ..
And that was what I can see in them..

Jepot n Paijan-my cuzin

And that time,is when I realized happiness around us as I saw my father gathered around with his other 6 2 Om* pakcik* and 4 tante*makcik* on the day of the wedding...I saw them laughing recalling back the time,I assumed,their childhood;)and wiping tears just like others big loving family whenever we are leaving...and playing with my oh-so-naughty cousins(they're 10 all of them) was a tired day after all but I WAS SURE HAVING THE FUN!!!

memories on the wedding

Seeing them success in their study also make me proud,"jumpa nanti di menara gadingnya!"was their quote,I felt the bond is getting stronger in every moment.And the 3 days I'm having in Medan surely isn't enough for me to have a great time sharing with them as they all*my cousin* are having schools in Saturday..and we are sheduled packed..*I did mention it before,rite:)*

But still,I hope that I can see them again soon..Remembering what my sister said before we're take off..

"We are malayndon after all!!"haha,yea..Its run in our blood..

Tante Marni,thanks for the invite,
Kak Maisyarah n Bang Rizal..happy newly-wed!!*Oh by the way,she is expected!*I'm going to be an aunt..hehe
actually ka maisarah nikahnya bulan satu,ini pestanya!!*gaye medan*^^
And to all my other cousins and family..miss you all and hope to see you again soon...

Medan is my second home,after all!