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Make it shine:)*random*

Salam, just in a middle of my holiday*exactly, I don't think I much enjoying it because I rather call it as a thesis-busy-ing day:)*

Right, back to my new post, make it shine!

Yup, no matter what situation you've got into, make it right and never give up.No matter how it turn up to be, you make it good in the end:))

OOH, do wish the best to my dearest sister for her PMR tomorrow...Just how time flies; it has been 5 years since I'd sit for my PMR and yet I felt like it just have been yesterday...

And now, I'm still trying to adapt myself in this new world of learning, where there is no more teachers yet lecturers, no more students yet colleagues, no more homework yet assignments, sometimes, I do wish I 'm back when I'm in my third grades, nothing to worry about, there is much time to hang around and play in the playground during recess.

Yet my time now is mostly for researching and studying, doing my assignment and managing programmes for my club, it is fun though, but something missing right there, it's like someone has been forcing me to do this and that, and my mind just repeating the same phrase ever and ever again,

" You have to do it, it's your choice! It is what you've got yourself into, don't you want to do the best?" and sometimes, just trying being the best is somewhat stressful and distasteful,

It just some kind of disease*a good one though*, it's like something you couldn't resist, once you've got it, you just won't let anyone have it.

When you've got the best mark, you won't dare to make it worse ever. You tend to make it somewhat higher or maintain it once and for all. That kind of disease, I’m talking about.

And yet, when you're feeling low with the grades, it's just something that you couldn't help yourself hearing it, like something had take the most precious thing in your path and you can't stop crying for that.:’(

But it something good, won't you think?

This is what usually happens to me,

Yup, when I cried, I would feel that something bursting in my insight, felt aroused and spirit fill up inside me at the same time, and when I'm done with it, with some motivation from my dearest friends, I've got motivated to do my best the next time I sit in my exam..


*Believe me, it happens all the time*

Even when I felt sad because my mom called and tell me that she can't pick me that day when it suppose to be holidays in my school, at the end, I've to stay another day in my emptied hostel* the students is pretty much left the hostel on that day, can count the balance of it*

Something to motivates me:

You don't have to be afraid to put your dream in action, your never going to fade you'll be the main attraction,not a fantasy, just remember, when it turns out right, because you know that if you live in your imagination, tomorrow you'll be every body's fascination, in your own victory, just remember, make it SHINE!

Well, what to say, pen off!* continuing on writing my thesis...*any ideas?*;)