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A confusing decision?

Salam, right, times sure fly swiftly, holidays arrived!!

For once, I’d imagine that I only get to update this blog once in three months! Talking about having these hectic weeks in DQ, not to mention, it’s our final semester here, everyone’s working on with their thesis,

Yup, talking about writing a ’80 pages report’ of what you’re studied on, as for me, I choose ‘hire purchase: comparisons between the civil and Islamic laws” as my thesis report, really try my best to finish it. Oh, and it seems that our hostel is buzzing around talking about where we would go after leaving DQ this next 3 months ahead.

3 MONTHS!!I know, how times flies :p

And guess what would be one’s ultimate question ever been asked? Where you’re going after this? Are you going to further your study in or out the country? naah, it’s too common, then what?

When you’re going to marry? Wow, that’s a hard question to answer, because truly, I don’t recall I save an answer for that kind of question. Haha, talking about marriage really brings back the memory of doing my MUET writing test, which entitled Arrange Marriage: Is it the best choice? And thankfully, with the help of a bit of memory from my family’s lecture* I’ve grown in this type of family*,I rather give a credit to myself in doing well in the test, Alhamdulillah!* As one’s say, Experience is the best teacher..

*I’m enjoying my favourite Cornetto to thank myself on doing well in the exam*

You should do it too, it really fun! In that way, you tend to learn to appreciate yourselves and love yourselves nevertheless. Random:)

Okay, talking about where is my next destination onwards sure making me a bit anxious, really I am not quite sure of it! I have listed a few choices that I can consider but seems I lost the ways in making the best choice! And here it goes, I think and think and think, and think again, at last I thought, I’m really in a need of a good supervision from the adults.

And the first person I gone to, would be my father, so I talked to him and asked his opinion where I should go, sure he knows the best, I’m talking and there is a 20 year-of-experienced lecturer in front of me, and to be honest, I always find this warm talk spirited me in the end, I’d always admired my father, his intelligence, his kind spoken, his spirit heart, I even think in finding a husband just like him, no kidding, fathers is every one's hero, right? And talking about his opinion, I knew that he will always want the best for me, he never disapprove my decision, like some family, I realized have put no option to their children’s life.

“You have to be a doctor, you must become a lawyer”. That kind of talk that I assumed youngster would always hear from their bragging parents. But as for me, I can have my own choice of career and I’m thankful for it, but yet in my lack of life experience,*talking about a 20 years old innocent*, I really in a need of the help from the experience one.

The first question that I’ve been asked was “ What course do you rather choose?”. And at that time, without any signal, my brain work and I just blurt it out in front of my father, LAW! And I knew that my heart said the same thing too.:)

My father did give me two options whether I like to go to UIA or USIM, because “ It’s the best Universities with the best Law Department I’ve known” is my father's saying. In fact, I can have both degrees in Law and Shariah if I work hard in it.

But then I realized something, and asked again.” How about going to the Middle East? I recall DQ has adept a link with some of the Universities in the in Middle East in sending their graduated student to continue their study, and so my father asked me again,

“What’s on your mind?“

And I answered, Jordan, I’m thinking of going there actually, it is one of my choice though but I don’t know if it is the best for me, and..

My father smiled, and said, I believed in you, you’re 20 and you ought to know what best for your life, and what ever you choose, I’ll be always giving my hand supporting you from behind and that’s how my warm conversation end, I felt like my burden had been reduced just talking it to my father and slowly I’ve come up to my firm decision.

I’ll apply for Jordan!

But then, it’s about my dearest granny, my only grandmother, the news bring her not –in-a-good-mood,

Buak po nak poi belajor jauh-jauh, belajor jo la kek Malaysia ne aa!” really my granny, the sweet, lovable and can’t be apart even a year with her familyJ, reviving back when we first been in Brunei and live there for about 6 years long, I can’t recall any single year that my granny didn’t make it in Brunei, not to mention, before my youngest sister was born in Brunei, my granny even have a 3 month stay due to taking care of my mother during her pregnancy.

That is my granny,and I love her very much and so, this make me think again, should I go or stay?

To be continued…