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You Teach, You're Educating Yourself..

"A career working with students can often be exhausting, overwhelming, and frustrating at times. There are days that I come home from the classroom and I don’t know if I have enough energy or desire to return the following day. There are times when I finish my lesson and I am not sure if I want to start the next one.

However, for as frustrating as these times may get, there are a million and one other reasons why I love teaching because to tell you, dear friends, being a teacher, is not only teaching your students on particular subjects, being a teacher is to inspire your students to become someone beneficial in the future at the same time, educating yourself more on the meaning of ‘giving’ and ‘spreading love’ for people around you"

Your students’s future lies on how you teach them now

Check your intentions, is it your purpose of teaching is just to fill up your leisure time? Or to see these students being educated well?

As what I get, being a teacher at Sekolah Rendah Islam Baitul Ulfah had made me think and realized…and at that time, I thought, Subhanallah, thanks Allah for giving me this opportunity to experience being a teacher to my students~

Here is my story~

Believe me, it is not just an experience of being a teacher, it is more than that..

At exactly 6.50 in the morning, I start my lesson session with recitation of Quran. Some of them is still reading the iqra’ and some of them are reading the Muqaddam. It was a good start though,and I think silently,

Have we start our daily routine with the recitation of Quran? Or we wake up in the morning, having our breakfast and immediately run for work?


Suddenly, one of my student cries and yelled, I want to go home!!

Okay, I understand, being a Year 1 student should make her a little homesick, they’re still trying to adapt their selves in a new environment named school. don’t you think? Reviving back on my younger times where there is a boy who won’t enter the classroom whenever his mom send him early in the morning, and he’d rather clinging on her mom’s back crying, and there seems not a way that anyone can drag him into the classroom not until my teacher try her best in persuading him.

Have you ever wonder?

Being a teacher is not just being a teacher, but you also being a mother or a father to your students. During the school session, they will be depending on you in everything.

And as I stand firmly in front of them, somewhat, there something excite in my mind and soul at that time, the feeling of love~ the feeling of making them understand the topics that I’ll teach, the feeling of giving and sharing ‘Ilm.

And that makes me realize, how teachers can still be patience whenever their students are in that bad behaviour.Because they love them, teachers always wanted the best for their students, but have we been doing the best for them?

And when every time, they seems eager to know about certain topics, whenever, “teacher, I don’t understand about this and that” phrases came out from their lips, and they would look at me with that questioned-faces, I felt my love for teaching grows unintentionally days by days, and the hard times I get, having to walk from our rented house to the school, preparing for their lunch, watching them taking their bath, it was a tiresome, but in the end, I can bear it, Insya Allah.

“ You have to prepare for their foods?” and “watching them bathe”

I nodded. “ It’s not a bad thing, right.” “but should teachers just teach? “Why do I think that you’re seems like being a baby-sitter rather than a teacher?”

I laughed responding my friend’s query. Its not that something I dislike to do, I like kids, after all, but being a teacher in a private school, moreover, most of the kids here, I assumed be living in a luxurious life, I can’t blame them for being a bit spoiled. They have maids doing all their works. Even some of my students can’t even open their shirt’s button by them selves. But I know exactly how they felt.

They have working parents, and the only time they have with their parents were at night, that if their parents came home earlier or the kids are not asleep. Do you get it? And looking at them, I know they are trying to find the love they want.

Subhanallah, I do learn a lot here, Allhamdulillah!

Being a parents is not an easy job especially when we have to divide our times between work and family.

Reviving back the time when I attend a Seminar by Prof Dr Muhaya in KL, a few weeks ago, I quite amazed of her on how she manage to organize her life, being not only a doctor, a wife, a mother but a motivator too. This more or less makes me positively believe, that there is nothing that we can't do if we want to. Who says that being a doctor will never have the time-well-spent with the family? Who says kids will be lacking of care and love from their working parents?

It is all within yourself, how’d you organized your life and it start now, dear friends ,not after you get married, or a few days before you get married, you had organize yourself now? You will get the result in 10 years times ahead.

Right, back to my unfinished stories, there is time, that really makes me want to role back my life was like the picture keep playing on my mind all the time, even when I’m not there with them now..

I believe this is what every teacher would feel over their students..whenever their students knows how to apply what we’re teaching in their daily life's.

I was teaching about sins and reward on that day, when suddenly one of my student raised his hand and asked,

“Ustazah, kalau kita buat jahat, kita dapat dosa kan?”

I nodded and smiled.

“ Tapi kan ustazah, kenapa orang besar kat luar sana, buat jahat, diurang tak takut dapat dosa ke?”

Masya Allah, a brilliant one indeed, even a kid on this age, 7 to be precise, know the meaning of ‘fright’ or ‘afraid’ to have sins, have we as youngsters or adults have apply the words before we try to act upon something bad?

Have we been a good example or a good role model for the kids nowdays?

I try to apply everything I teach to them, during the classroom, and I’m happy to see them co-operating that much. Even when I asked them "Who wants to pick those tiny craps of paper on the floor?" They all will raised their hand willingly and asked me to pick them. Suprisingly, one of them blurt out,

“Ustazah, ada benda lagi tak boleh saya buat, saya nak dapat pahala jugak!”

Subhanallah! I felt blessing around me at that time.

To tell you the truth, sitting with them can make me think a lot, because as a kids at their age, they seems to take whatever the saw around them and they will start to questioned it, because their such an innocent kiddos, but ask yourself, how do we prepared ourselves to face nowdays growing kids?

They came out from their mother’s womb to the world with too much entertainment, and technologies, sometimes, they can even be more advanced than us.

“Ustazah, ade facebook? ustazah buat tumbler tak?” wow, you children sure knows everything!~

See my point here? Just think, of the kids that we shall raised 10 years ahead?It sure is challenging if we do not prepared ourselves from now on..

*I remind myself before others*


Ahmad Asyraf Bin Abdul Rahman April 25, 2011 at 10:56 AM

nice post..p'kongsian kisah seorang guru yang baik..boleh share x teknik nk ajar bdk kecik ngaji?sy xde pnglmn nk ajar bdk cmne..

Sara April 26, 2011 at 5:39 AM

wsalam..syukran atas ziarah.

tgk tahap bdk tu, kalau dia bce iqra, pastikan die knal n tahu setiap sebutan huruf hijaiyyah..n then, bcekan untuk die n sruh die ulang..proses pengulangan tu pling penting untuk pstikan sama ada bdak tu knal or x hruf yang disebut..

harap mmbantu.

Asyraf May 2, 2011 at 7:35 AM

emm, ok..
tapi kalau ade parent 2 die srh ajar ngaji anak die dr mula mcm mn xtw nk mule dgn ape..ade idea x?