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Seeking the True love!

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Let me asked you a question, dear brothers and sisters.

When someone asked you this:

“Do you love your wife/ husband?”
“Do you love your siblings?”
“Do you love your kin ships?”

How would you respond?

“Of course I do!” most of us would answer.

“ How do you show it?” Again, most of us will immediately proclaimed without any doubt;

“ I’ll do anything that will please them, we even makes surprises on some special occasions in the favor of making them happy.”

But, undeniably, some will added;

“ but you know, when it comes to a relationship, problems and misunderstanding can slightly occurs between us, and when it did hit some of the couples, being considerate to each other will be a better option and solution, in that case, they’ll never do something that will regret them for the rest of their life! ”

“And that is…” I asked blindly.

“Divorce, of course!” the sister answered shyly* she is married, by the way*

“Oh, I see!..hehehe” I smiled.

Sure you have a point, there, sister!:)

Wait, why did I mention this much? Is there something that I missed?

And, one of them would say;

“ the best love is to Allah and His messenger (Muhammad S.A.W)!”

“Indeed, sister, the best and the only true love would be the Love Of Allah and Muhammad, Rasulullah”

The question is how do you show it?

“ I’ll do whatever that pleases Him ad follow the Sunnah!”

Well done! It’s the best thing to do, indeed!

But wait! It’s not as easy as you think, sister, because when it comes to seeking His love, you’ll be tested.

“Test?” they all nodded agreeably. “ Yes, indeed, if something bad happened to us, it doesn’t mean that Allah displease us, it’s His test to increase our stage of Iman!”

Then, I asked her again;

“Something bad? Is that it? Just if it’s something bad happening to you, that would be the only test?”

Revealing the ayat from Surah Al-Baqarah, verses 155;

Allah had stated;

Surely We will try you with something of fear, of an enemy, and hunger, by way of drought, and diminution of goods, as a result of destruction, and lives, as a result of slaughter, death and disease, and fruits, by way of crop damage: that is to say, We will try you to see if you practice patience or not; yet give good tidings, of Paradise, to the patient, (during calamities;)”

How about someone that lives happily and blissfully?

Heh, they got all they wanted. What bad thing can happen to them?
They have money, they can buy anything, they have children they proud of, they have educations that they can work with..

Are they being tested too? YES!

Let us turn back a bit, to the ayat mention above;

Didn’t Allah mention about fear? Checked!
An enemy? Checked!
Hunger? Checked!
Drought (or shortage of supply)? Checked!

Diminution (Reduction of goods), ex. Food? Checked!
Loses of lives (our beloved ones, to be precise)? Checked!
Disease (our sickness, even if we’re having just a cold)? Checked!
Damages of crops ( something that we valued as it comes from your hardship and your work done)? Checked!

Are we making a list now? hehe
YES! I would like you to list it even not on a piece of paper, let it be on your mind, right now..

Because, here the real question..

Have you imagine that all of those things mention above have been playing on the mind of the ‘riches’ or the ‘blissful people’ Have you ever wonder?

Even the riches man alive, although they live happily and successfully,
saying joyously,” Oh, I’ve been bless indeed, this is all because my hardship during this years, I’ve been struggling to get this certificate, and now, I excelled and have a better life and job”

But, he forgot mentioning something really important!

All praises to Allah!”. He totally forgetting it, and that is when Allah’s blessing took over,

“When?” The sisters are eager to know.

“When He put FEAR in their little hearts.” I said.


FEAR of losing their money,
FEAR of losing their child,
FEAR of losing there job,
FEAR of losing by their enemy,
FEAR of losing anything that he had with his hardship,

Why did Allah mention FEAR from the first line?
Why? Because fear is the biggest test that Allah had given to us and to all!

And that is the test, whether we become the believers or the non-believers. And look how the ayat end beautifully?

“..But give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere,”

And Subhanallah, how the ayat continues;

“Who say, when afflicted with calamity: "To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return; They are those on whom (Descend) blessings from Allah, and Mercy, and they are the ones that receive guidance.”

Indeed, only the ones that receive guidance would be the one that been bless by Him.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the poor or the riches, in the end there is only Taqwa that matters most. See how He’s testing us now? And what did most of us do?

Masha Allah, He knows all! And it was just us that being forgetful!

He has remind us in Surah Al-Fajr, verses 15 and 16, as he proclaimed;

“And as for man, the disbeliever, whenever his Lord tests him and honors him, with wealth and other things, and is gracious to him, he says, ‘My Lord has honored me’. But when he tests him and restricts his provision for him, he says, ‘My Lord has humiliated me’.”

Let us reflect ourselves, have we been the kind of man mentioned above?
Forgive us, Ya Allah, indeed we are forgetful!

“Now, I know, everyone is being tested!” said one of the sisters

“And the test is sign of Allah’s love!” I added.

Can you imagine if Allah hadn’t tested the guy with fear of losses? What can happen to him?

“ He will loses his way from His Guidance and ‘Hidayah'! Is it mention in the ayat itself sister?”

“Yes, you’re right!!” I smiled.

“When Allah gives what you asked for, doesn’t mean that He pleases you, when Allah hold something from you, doesn’t mean that He displease you, it is all part of the test!”

“Do people suppose that they will be left to say, that is, [that they will be left alone] because of their saying, ‘We believe’, and they will not be tried?,(tested with that which will reveal the sincerity of their belief).”

We choose to be grateful or to be boastful!

“Sister, you’re right, to seek His love is not as easy as we thought! It could be something we like but at the end we never know if it the best for us or not! Is it bringing us closer to Him or not!” the sister concluded.

“ How can we have His love, then? What is the best way?” another sister asked anxiously.

I smiled before answering;

“Hm, that would be another long story, stay tuned…”


senikehidupan August 5, 2011 at 3:36 PM

Sarah, great narration indeed.

Sometimes, speaking about relationship makes me ponder, how are we going to end this.

Whether it is us (fault) or Allah end it (which is death).

That is why, in life I learned, whomever he/she is this come as my principle;

"If you're paying a price for a relationship, you are in debt of a separation. Appreciate them as possible, when life is still in your hand"