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A wake up call!

" It's a long road, after all. I need some rest. 10 minutes should be enough" mumbled Haya.  Traveling can be tired but fun, no doubt. But then, it is just time when Haya get into a deep sleep not realizing that one hour has passed. 

And another hour…

And another two hours…

And there goes the sunset…

She woke up looking at the bright shining moon as if the moon was saying to her mockingly, " Finally, you have woke up! Good morning sleeping beauty!" and that just pissed her off. She's late. How can she get into a deep sleep without realizing how time flies. 


Another story telling, oh! I miss writing. I miss this blog. I miss writing in this blog. I miss creating stories and write it in this blog.* wait a minute.What am I blabbering right now?*

Dear Readers, Please don't mind me, and continue reading…


Haya was on her way for a promised dinner with her friends at a Korean Restaurant nearby their hotel. They supposed to meet there at 9 pm. She keep looking at her watch anxiously while trying to catch a cab passing by the road."Oh please let me be there on time. Please oh please." She prayed.

A cab stop by looking at her waving her hand and an old man with a mustache greet her with "Assalamualaikum". Before he can utter another word, Haya interrupt him saying " Korean Restaurant, Kiara Mall nearby Kyo Won Hotel, please, and make it fast, because I'm late, and thank you! " and the conversation end. 

The old man get startled with Haya's behavior, looking at her from the front-view mirror, he murmured to himself. " What on earth must have happen to  the young girls' nowadays, where goes their manners and clothing's too, pity on them ". Looking at how Haya's dressed, he shook his head feeling sorry for her. Deep down in his beautiful heart, he prayed that Haya found her way on a true path.

20 minutes later, the cab stopped in front of the huge building of the Kiara Mall. Haya seems to be mesmerized by looking at it glowing with all the colorful decorative light and laser before she came to her sense glancing at her watch which shows half hour past nine. 

"Oh shoot!" she cursed. Just before she is about to enter the mall, the old man from the cab stop her and said," Girl, here you go!" passing her a folded piece of blue paper and left after saying," May Allah bless you!" Haya paused for a moment before she opened the folded paper and read the words scribbled on it and it touched her heart. It was a wake up call.


The memory seems alive on her mind right now. Haya closed her diary after reading it over and over again, and she cannot thank enough for the old man that she met during  her travel to Korea last year, as she grab the piece of blue paper that she slipped in her diary and look at it smiling to herself uttering "Alhamdulillah" praising Allah for all the blessing He put in her way searching the truth. That was the piece of paper with an amazing phrase that had changed her whole life until this very moment. 

Below it, it was written : " My daughter give this to me, I think you need it more."

And she turned to her laptop in front of her and start pressing on her keyboard and wrote,

Sometimes you need that someone who came into your life suddenly offering you those precious advice making you realize that you have to make a change, and that someone  is a gift from Allah to you, a sign He put in front of you to show that He loves you and want goodness for you


( " Ketika mana kita terkesan dengan nasihat seseorang, maka bersyukurlah, kerana Dia sebenarnya menghantarkan wasilah buat kita untuk kembali kepadaNya dan berubah menjadi lebih baik ") -14 October 2012, Facebook

I have this someone who wrote this and tagged me, 

 I can't remember how many times I have read this entry but it really touched my heartThe best quote I found here " what ever comes from your heart, is always about what you desire to have, and by writing it, you teach your heart to believe that anything can happen when you have a strong desire for it "Thank you Sarah Maimun Aqsha.

…and I'm thankful for her being that"someone" who came suddenly asking me, " when will you write again?" making me realize how much I missed this hobby of mine ( writing) and hoping that this piece of writing can continue to benefits her and others who read it. May Allah reward and blessed her. Amin.

This piece might be the beginning of the previous year that I have wasted while making this blog dormant for a while, and for those who happens to wonder, what happened to me for this past year , this is my answer;

" Alhamdulillah, being healthier than ever and still manage to write in this blog! " *giggles*