Friday, September 26, 2008 - 0 comments

Quran, part of my life

" How did u manage to memorize it?". Frankly speaking, that was the 'old- time' question that I usually heard when making up friends..I cant imgine being a 'hamalatul Quran' is tough than I thought,yes, I did agree that when I make up my decision to continue my study in Tahfiz Al-Quran, I did that because I want to try being an independent person by staying at the hostel.

but its not easy as learning ABC, memorizing it need 100% patience + 20% skill( i think)

4 yers ago in Brunei, I step my feet for the first time in a white pure-brick building with a blue roof anxiously knowing that i was choosen to be one of a lucky student( most thought lucky girl to be choosen by ALLAH to memorize HIS words).Us, 36 ( 22 boys n 14 girls) being given a talk briefing about the tahfiz..I felt a little afraid when the principal talk about the must for us to memorize 5 juz in a year, in my mind ( can I do it? ) I just cant imagine that day..But Alhumdulillah, ALLAH did give me strength to memorize it with my 13 other friend

Talking about friend, umph, I miss my old friend in Brunei whom we use to play and studied together and having diffficult time together and experience a long friendship trip. i hope I can see them soon~