Tuesday, September 30, 2008 - 0 comments

A sem in DQ

I'm one of a student in DQ n we've just finished our first sem n now we're having a 3 weeks holiday...hooray!

I really have a great tym studying there n we're not only study but we also having lots of activities indoors n outdoors...

I was in front of my computer ( as usual) n sumhow my mind was taking a long past journey back through my first sem in DQ..

Usrah....oh, what a family,I enjoy being AYANG in my usrah with my other 10 members ~along,ayong,angah, achik, ateh,ude,ucu,anje,andak n adik~we're not only having a great tym together but also sharing our different story and experience before we come to DQ..The most unforgotable moment that I enjoy is when we participate in ' INTERFAME' (interfamily games) which is participated by groups of usrah including mine named KHAULAH AL-AZWAR~

old school.....talking about it, me n ude did visit Pedas last 2 weeks to see our juniors..:) it not lyk what i expect,Pedas did have changed much, included our old surau which has been painted..wow...but I did hear sum of my junior's complement about Pedas' student to be not well disiplined..and that giving me n ude a brilliant ideas ( I HOPE) to bring back the ' tarbiyyah' in Pedas....Ameen....

Having a 2 weeks exam, most of the night, I ve stay up with my friend doing our revision, meanwhile having a little snack together...huhu...Luckily, it was in a fasting month,We didnt have 2 worry about filling our stomach daily.Talking about Ramadhan, tomorrow it will be a 1 syawal in Malaysia..thats mean the end of Ramadhan..

i really hope I will see the next Ramadhan..Amiin