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Quran, re-unite us

Here is a story that i would like to share...

After 2 yers staying at tahfiz Brunei, I ( 6 yers in brunei), I was shocked ( hepi + sad)~explian later~ my father told me that we are going back 2 Malaysia (thats mean living Brunei)~sobb~

I was just starting 2 comfort myself in tahfiz but it was just lyk a fast rate of electric shockwave that flowing in me nerves that finally i feel lyk in a dream n when i wake up,its gone n im in M'sia miss my old friend...

P/S~ I felt very hepi bcoz im going back 2 my homeland
I felt sad bcoz I have 2 leave my fren behind~sob~
but that not the end of my was just the beginning,

Here the climax..
3 yrs, after I finished my SPM, I ve continued my study at Darul quran..Im really excited as it was one of my dream when i m in form 3..suprizingly, Im not only meeting new friend but also OLD FREN which is my Bruneien fren..How can I imagine lucky am I 2 finally met again my old friends...~QIBAH,HANAN, MIDAH, ZATI N KA FARAH~

n guess what, after 3 yers I left Brunei, I felt lyk our friendship being blessed by Allah coz meeting them back not only studying at Malaysia but studying at Darul Quran, Home Of Quran memorizing Quran together just lyk our old time in tahfiz..n guesws what I also have been given oppurtinity in improving my bruneien language, lyk one told me, practise make how can I miss this kind of oppurtinity 2 speak that language, at least I' ve made my Malaysian' s friend shocked hearing me...haha

Not forgotten my other ex- classmates who are still in brunei( whom I never seen after 3 yers leaving them), I really miss u all n I hope our friendship will last forever..

" Life is like roads we travelled.Some are smooth, some are rough and some I'd rather forget..but there is one road I wont forgot, the road we met and I keep in my heart!

Thank you for letting me 2 know u......friend 4-eva, ~ITQSHHB,INTAKE 2003~"