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My treasured memory(Part 2)

Our progress continue...

In a 2 month time..
We're doing quite well and we got a supporter too!
(A great applause to our Mentor-Sir Kamarul)

That was a night..a memorable night i spent with these special girls..

So our discussion began in that breezy midnight..(since our 'rokol'-stand 4 'recall' lasted in midnight)

'i'm dating a 'mat rempit'..Leeya blurt out..

'i'm desperate for a boyfriend!'Sal expressed.

'i'm in love with a married man'..honestly,Siti speak..
I was just like startled and a 'aah' n a 'ooo' n a gasp..

'I'm not good at this kind of thing..honestly,never been in those kind of experience..can I help them?..n that time,I confide myself,this is it..I try my best to tell them..and a satisfy it a lot!

This 'disease' had totally infect the lifestyle of nowdays teenagers as if they can't live without it..Masya Allah..

'wierdo!!'the only word came out from their mouth when i told them i'd never coupled..

'don't you ever wonder the feeling of to love someone n to be love,knowing someone is caring for you as a bliss?I listen patiently with a smile.

'as if you never had a crush on someone?..another smile on my face.

'what would you do if someone you love propose you to be his girlfriend?won't you feel any excitement?..a 'golden' question,I smiled..

I was trying to compile the best sentence as an answer for their 'straight forward' question,I tell you when suddenly I remember..

'do you know exactly why you're chasing this kind of love?

They blinked.I giggled.

'because you didn't feel Allah's didn't seek for it..o you didn't know how to express your love to turn to the 'real' one, one that you can really see,one that you can touch,one that you can contact and share your thought with,one you can spend time,exchange presents and fishing for compliments from,most of all,one that you care and love with you true i right?'I state my opinion.

They mouthed an 'O'..

'have you ever wonder to be loved by Allah,to seek His Love was far more bliss?.I questioned them back..

'do you ever feel crush with Him?..the time when we feel anxious everytime we 'met' him in our prayers,share your thought(talk with Him) in every of our Doa..felt loved by Him everytime we were in happiness,being alerted by Him whenever we fell in a fatal..being tought by Him whenever we realize from a big mistake..'

Change a little is better than not changing..
That we call a bliss whenever we have the faith to change to be better in times..It is not that we have to change drastically in one night..
Step by by one..'they give me a smile in tears that i will never forget till now..

A splash..
Woo,!where you day-dreaming or what?'my friend asked.
'just recall a memory back then when we were in the PLKN,Leeya!'I give her a sincere smile.

'i hope a good one!about me?haha'she joked.

'sure,the one i treasured most!our memorable night!'I tell her..

Hope this simple story would give a moral value to us..i continously remind myself and my friends..

'To love someone means nothing,
To be love by someone means something,
To be love by someone you love means exciting,
To be love by by Allah means everything..
P/s:I just can't get this phrase out of my mind..I just love it!XD

In a memory of the Ulu pari 's wira n wirawati..


Anonymous June 5, 2009 at 8:44 AM

Intriguing story of yours.

That's the spirit. :)

I'm curious to know, what kinda event you'd been there.

PLKN.. I see..

Sometime my mind sparks me about the people outside there, seeking about serenity, remedy for their looped heart,

But they didn't find the correct remedy.

It's true LOVE is the key.

But LOVE only ignite the sense momentarily.

The fact is, FAITH is the gigantic key, which bring us the REAL code of LOVE, whereby it is as well the remedy of live.

Love after Allah and Rasul, is the one, who obeys Him and his messenger.

That's it.