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My treasured memory(Part 1)

'sara,how about a day out?'message from my dear friend..
'sure,any idea?'I reply..
Let go for a there we went that morning..feel good,ya!

First day
I arrived there with my parents..'i hate this place totally'..truthfully my first time to be exposed in such a camp..or maybe a 'dungeon' would be a suit..
I felt sick just standing beside all that 'freaks' (that what i called them percisely)..i try to be polite when a girl with a pony -tail approach me that time which i honestly didn't feel any 'friendly mood' that time..i try to be an optimist but a little careful too..

First week
'i want to go home!!'my heart screamin..(wo!too exaggerate for a word,i know)..but that what i felt..i just can't catch up with those kind of people..i've never had a chinese or indian friend since primary 4,i recall..its just that i once have a philipino friend back when im a primary student and I dislike her because she always showing off with her new things,.what do a 9 years old kid know?hm..

Getting a group of people that has the urge in dakwah here is like waiting for a miracle to happen -assalamualaikum,ustazah!'lierally that was my new 'nickname' there but I just move own pretending that i never hear it.It just that one mouth is ones,i can't stop people from talking..
'dont u fell hot wearing that big scarf?'a chinese friend ask-refering to 'a tudung labuh'..'i'm used to it.'i answered..really,i felt a bit left out with all those 'up-2-date' people around me that sometimes i do felt like trying to be like soul was not that tough,i know but i still doing fine.. i met this girl that really give me the stregth and this boy..i do remember when a night that i've been choosen to be a coordinator of a festival,he spoke to us
'this is our time to show them that we can bring the truth within their soul' ourselves and have faith in Allah..

It's ok that i was called ustazah,o i've been left out as 'old-fashion girl' but overall i felt respected and safe..

But that time i realise,i have a responsible,i have a job...not to be like them o persuade them to be like me but to acknowledge them with the truth in islam,the way of life..

One month later
Our progress was and my 4 others friend was handing out 'risalah' throuhout the camp..we make a small talk regarding women to be specialize..
Some of them didnt even know that dyeing is 'haram'
I felt happy and more to relieve as I realise that they still have the stregth and hope to change to a better person..although they are stubborn a way of nature..rite
To share with u..coupling between muslim and non-muslim is a norm here,not to mention the worse ex-SMKA with ex-SMKA..
Hearing there excuse did make me feel crushed and sad..
'it is one way to bring them to islam..if they love us,surely they will convert to islam'

'why do you hold hands?it still illegal..' the guy answered confidently..'they didn't know about the rules in islam.' it is not a sin for them..

It a sin for you!!,the word just flew in my mind..i was speechless that was just i had a vision of things that would happen in a decade after that time..What would happen to our siblings out there..

'Ya Allah,faghfirlana zanbina..
Allahumma aslih shababana!!
Allahumma aslih sulukahum!!

It time for a change..
When one want a difference,it takes just a faith in the Almighty..xD

To be continue..