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Don't miss the oppurtunity!

'What can possibly this Author's intention at this late night,typing on her keyboard?I rather think she had a story that is ready to explode throughout her mind at this right moment~but I wonder what makes her so eager and desperate of?only she know the answer..'

'Did I heard someone talking about me?*unsatisfied look*

So,i'm back on my keyboard..I can't think of any possible reason why I got too engross with writing this night,it just seem I can't stop my mind from thinking of it..terified huh?
Don't worry,it is not a contagious disease,i believe..

Maybe this not-so-long-to-be Hari Raya celebration makes me in excitement..just talking about it,I'm sure there is a bubbling of joy within our insight,right?

We are talking about gathering here,dear friends...yup,a liveliness and cheerful one,I supposed..
It is all everybody's expectation,don't you think?

Gathering maybe a simple word in english which I do believe of all's intention into it..but for us muslims,it means a lot more than a word of gather,it means tying bond with our kins..sure means a lot?

Because,it is in my concern from my own experience whenever it is on working day,i'm rarely in a company with my relative that sometimes*most of the time actually*i'm totally in an awkward state whenever my relatives pays us a visit..I rather be shameful of myself whenever my grandmother give me her jaunty smile and said'poe duk depan,konal sedagho 2..nanti,cari laki,tengok-tengok sedagho sendighi.tak segan ko?'

Can't stop smiling whenever I recall that phrase of her..

In my mind,I totally agreed,but I don't know,it just have become a habit of me and my siblings*not including my little brother,he's a hyperactive one that sometimes can be annoying..can't figure how my other relative would considerily calling him..'cuteeees'*
May be he is,after all..hehe
He sure be floating in the air if he read this..*shhh*

As me and the other bunch of girls would rather be at the back*in the kitchen* making excuses...we're are washing dishes,i'm stiring the 'rendang'..and other excuses only-Allah-knows~

Sure have to make a difference this year~hopefully..

I didn't want to end up just like what my grandmother babbling about~hehe

Hopefully,this coming Eid fitr would bring us to a better ties and bonds of ukhwah with our family and relative,not forgotten dear friends~




senikehidupan September 17, 2009 at 11:34 PM

Tak tau pulak ada update, ingatkan gambar glitter tu penanda tak update-update..


If we don't have the media like today, we might appreciate until the last piece of Ramadhan :(

It's not we alienate the exciting countdown, it's about the day we have our honeymoon with our Creator, we still don't finish yet..

By the way, after this, I'm thinking about form 3 program after this.

Actually we are the mastermind of Pedas tarbiya agenda.. So don't miss the opportunity

Sara September 18, 2009 at 7:51 AM

Sure will,mr.seni kehidupan..

senikehidupan September 19, 2009 at 4:39 PM


aireensamirah October 20, 2009 at 4:02 AM

'poe duk depan,konal sedagho 2..nanti,cari laki,tengok-tengok sedagho sendighi.tak segan ko?'

i laugh n laugh n laugh reading this words..
really like it..

amad is indeed a cuties..
"amad, jgn perasan"

Sara October 23, 2009 at 4:14 AM

Amad dh perasan dh tu~
X nk bwa die g umh ko lg,hbs bcor rhsia aku..xpxp