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A new medicine~

'Sometimes life throws you a curveball,hands you a lemon,or knocks you for a loop,but at the end you will success if you manage to approach your trueself'

Appropiate with the title of Month of Mercy,this Ramadhan should give us the chance to get through within and learn our one trueself,don't you agree?

Sometime we thought others with a happy family beside them,with a big career attached them,with a good features within them..keep blaming others for contradicting your thought and always tought that we are the best? Yet still envy on other success without taking any step in changing our 'nightmare'?

Having a thought of people who had success but never take the oppurtinity to try to be like them..

In a simpler word..
Talking without adding any progress..

That's actually what is happening around me lately,at first, i try to ignore it but the scenerio keep playing in my mind somehow making me slightly in stress..

Patience is the best medicine, i keep reminding myself..

And still reminding..it just a matter of how we did in confronting difficulties in order to develop our maturity..

With such difficulties,we try to make up our mind on ways to solve it..i rather apply,way to bounce back to a success..

Who told that we are a failure?we are a success since our mum brought us to the world..rite?
We just have to begin it again from the starting point where we were just a child whom just knowing to cry to an adult with great principle and kind-hearted..

As for us,teenagers(seems more equivelent as me myself consider as a teenage girl),this is the point where we have in searching the real medicine to our weak soul..

Wether we want the best for our future or the other way round..it is in our hand,for we to choose,

Becoming a success or a failure,
Becoming a brave or a coward,
Becoming one's love or one's hatre,
Becoming the best or the worst,
Its up to us,my friend..

Change now before it to late,because remember my friend,
We always didn't realize what we usually have when we have it,but just realize it when it is gone..don't ever forget the two vaulable pleasure which are the health and the leisure time..

Fill it with an outmost number of good deed for we won't regret in the Next..

I take this chances in wishing to all my friend in hoping for a success in this coming exam~

Do the best,let Allah handle the rest..

Salam Ramadhan and Imtihan to all DQ members^^