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3 comes before 8!


1 Jun 1988

One of the happiest moments in my life, I had married!

To a man that I can say would be my ideal type that I search for a husband.
He is cool, good looking, educated, humorous; above all he is such one that take Islam as his way of life. He chose Rasulullah as his role model and stories of sahabah (Rasul’s companion) as his bedtime stories, he even shared with me all the stories and I would be engrossed with all the amazing and enchanting stories of the sahabah ( Radhiallahu anhum) that he told me.

3 May 1989

My first baby was born, and I named him Zayd after the name of Rasulullah’s adopted son, whose name is spelled directly in the Quran. Alhamdulillah, was the only word that passed from my lips at that moment, with my husband beside me, I felt blessed indeed,

Thank You Allah!:)

“ Sister, Is this a true story? Because if it is, I would like to meet them!” They seem to like this story.

“ This is a true story of Mu’min, where ever and whom ever they are,” I confessed. They’ve been bless with a good family, Alhamdulillah, but one day, Allah tested them.

“With?” the sisters asked.

10 July 1989

It was that early morning, about 3.00 a clock, Zayd’s cries surprised me. I rushed to him as soon as I find myself fully awaked. I assumed that he was hungry, I try to feed him, but then, he wouldn’t stop crying.

So, I assume that he needs to change his diapers, I checked but it is still clean. Then I tried to soothe him like I always do to make him sleep, I caress his temple while reciting some ayat, but things just getting even more worse.

I felt my heartbreaks as I saw him crying, I start panicking and woke my husband from his snooze.

‘There must be something wrong with him, let’s go to the clinic”

My husband hurried for the dressers and got himself fully attired. As we arrived at the clinic, the clock showed exactly 4.30 A.M. Luckily, the doctor assured us that there is nothing wrong with the child, just a cause of ‘colic’. For a few weeks of early growing babies, they have times as their digestive systems are maturing, they may have frequent and painful tummy aches due to an allergy or intolerance to certain substances resulted from the feeding. Thus makes them cries.

We went back home feeling relieved as we saw Zayd finally asleep when I cradled him carefully towards his crib.

“ Huh, sure it makes the couple uncomfortable enough thinking that something might had happen to their newborn baby!” One of the sister exclaimed.

“ It can’t be help, it’s nature’s feeling” one of them added.

“True, what feeling’s do you supposed that occupied the mother’s heart at that moment when she hears her baby was crying?”

“Worry, pity but most of all love and care!” They answered confidently.

“But then…” I try to continued my story.

“What happened?” They asked curiously.

Another call was heard, and what does the couple told each other at that time?

“ Wait a minute, just a short nap, it has been a tiring day!”

It was the call of AZAN!

Is it what usually happened around us? If not, it did happen to ourselves, right?

Whenever things unusual happen to us, we rushed for an aid, but have we rushed to ‘aid’ our soul? Faghfirli, Ya Rabb!

Haven’t it been cleared as the Muazzin stated,in every Subuh’s,

“ Prayers is better than sleep, Prayer is better than sleep!”

“Is it not what we love most in this worldly place?” I remind them.

Turn to Surah Al-Imran, verse 14,

Beautified for mankind is love of lusts, that which the self lusts after and calls for, beautified by Satan, or by God as a test — of women, children, stored-up heaps of gold and silver, horses of mark, fine [horses], cattle, namely, camels, cows and sheep, and tillage, the cultivation of land. That, which is mentioned, is the comfort of the life of this world, enjoyed while it lasts, but then perishes; but God — with Him is the more excellent abode, place of return, which is Paradise, and for this reason one should desire none other than this [abode]”

But have we realized who is the Most Merciful- the Most Loving and the Most Caring to His creation?

And who is the one who authorize the feeling of worry, love, and care deep inside the mother’s conscience?

Allahu Akbar! He is the greatest!

“…That, which is mentioned, is the comfort of the life of this world, enjoyed while it lasts, but then perishes; but God — with Him is the more excellent abode, place of return, which is Paradise, and for this reason one should desire none other than this [abode]”

Back to Surah At-Taubah, verse 24;

When Allah says the word ‘than’ doesn't mean that we have to neglect or to throw away the feelings we had towards our beloved one, it just to show that 3 has to come before 8!

“3 have to come before 8? Care to explain, dear sister? I s it some sort of mathematical formulae or what?” They seem confused.

But I just regard them with a grimace :]

“It is the formulae to solve His undeviating Love!”

“ What is it? What is it?” The sisters cry impatiently.

“ To love Allah, to love his Messenger and to love Jihad MORE than to love the 8 things mention in verse 24 of Surah At-Taubah.”

They nodded affectionately.“And what is the best aid to fits in with this formulae?” I questioned them.

“Our conscience in arithmetic!” One of them joked.

I laughed as I heard one of them blurt out;

“Eventually, we’ll have to admit that number 3 do have to come before number 8!”

“Actually, the best aid is.” Before I have the chance to answer my own question, I heard their reply;

“Don’t ever give up!”

I nodded and smile approvingly. As my eyes formed tears and touched my cheek that instant, I purposely wipe it as I whispered,

“Let us be your humble servant, Ya Rabb!”

“Our Lord, do not cause our hearts to deviate, do not cause them to incline away from the truth, in [their] desire to interpret it, such as is inappropriate for us — as You caused the hearts of those [others] to deviate — after You have guided us, [after] You have shown us the way to it; and give us mercy from You, as a strengthening; You are the Bestower.” (Al-Imran: 8)


amiratulnadiahhasan September 19, 2011 at 6:47 AM

Sarah, im dying to know the ending of this story. or is it ended already but its me who do not realized it?