Tuesday, October 28, 2008 - 0 comments

DQ 's Raya Celebration!

Coming back to DQ have given me a new spirit..To learn new things, of course!But the first term result did give me a heart attack( sort of ) -not that the result aren't coming out yet, may be next week, i think..
Talk about raya, heres some picture to describe it!

Waiting for the V.I.P..Candid camera!

Special Delivery- Want some..?

Ustaz- ustazah yang buat!

Mother 's touch - "Makan, ti!"

Ambik gmbr jap!

Jom kte minum dlu!


Nice backdrop~Ustaz's Handmade


New event~SUKFAZ ( Kejohanan Sukan Para Huffaz )
Can't wait to take part in it!