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Raya's enjoying scene

Ramadhan had left us so fast and so will Raya
The time is running without me noticing that my holidays is coming to an end...I have to go back to my college and a new sem awaits!

When we talked about Raya, we can't forget about Rendang and Ketupat rite? And the best part for us as teenagers and children when it comes to 'ang pau'...

~My aunt's touch~

"Nak Duit  raya"....that was the first word usually asked when visiting "open houses"..I can denied it too..haha..But not like my 5 years old uncle, Qifah...He was so generous that one ang pau is enough for him..

"He was looking at his green-in- colour ang pau when my aunt approach him with another ang pau and guess what he said?

"Tak pe, dah ade dah!...he tend to show anxiously what he got on his right hand..My aunt laughed and said" Ni Duit Raya dari mak teh la, yang tu orang lain bagi.." 

'tak pe..."Qifah answered..I just can't stop lauging seeing my 5 years old uncle in that situation, "bagi arah je la duit raya tu..haha" I joked him..
~candid Camera~

But in this time, we usually forget others that can't even buy a new dress or having lemang with rendang for their breakfast,the poorers,let us imagine the suffer that they encounters in order to fight for their happiness in life that there not even have time thinking for the raya celebration...

How about if we think back the time when Our prophet who cries heavily when ever Ramadhan ends...Did we feel sad when the Ramadhan ends? Have we done our 6 days fast in Syawal?

 Let we think together hardly and deeply with full-hearted and take the right step onwards in order to have a blissful life..Insya Allah..