Wednesday, October 15, 2008 - 0 comments

Luv Shin Chan n Shin Bi!

Guess what....last 3 weeks I came home with a shock!

Argh...Hamtaro in the's not the exact name..I once petting a cat...actually cats when I m in Brunei...they are too many that I can hardly remember all the names...For about 6 years having those cats from Manja ( a female cat) until its grand-grand kittens...since we have settled in Malaysia, we have to left our 32 cats behind in Brunei..sob..sob..

After 3 years, I do feel lonely not having Comot( one of my cat's name)playing around or waiting a newborn kitten as what I used to do back in Brunei!but the existence of this two little hamster did touches my heart..

And they also have name! Shin Chan n Shin Bi....

How a pet can benefits your life?
let it be in your own way because.....

Kasih Haiwan Membawa Ke Syurga~