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Motivate Yourself

When I read the article above, the first impression come to my mind 
"How lucky that girl to have such a lovely boyfriend that willing to sacrifice his own eyes but, wait, that does not mean that I endorse you in finding a boyfriend..because there is no such word as couple in islam but what i want you to think that love did means a lot in different ways such as love your parents,friends,pets,and also islam,of course,but the true love that I intend to share with you is the one and only non lasting love which is the love for ALLAH..iT NEVER DISAPPOINTED YOU, believe it!
Sometimes we as human can't run from needing to loved or to be loved because it is a natural phenomena,ryte..but have you experience snared in a situation which you can't even tell your family or your clost friends( not to make them worry) and a situation that your best friend don't even agreed on your decision? and that time, we automatically think of Allah,Why can't we think Him in every first of our steps in every hapiness or sadness that we feel?To be honest nowdays people usually takes Allah behind that everything else including when it comes to a date..
What is more important than a date with ALLAH?Asked yourself!

"To love someone means nothing
To be loved by someone is something,
To be loved by someone you love means exciting,
To be loved by ALLAH means everything"